Shamed In Front Of Girls

I lived with my aunt, and was spanked on the bare bottom for the slightest little thing till I was 16.

Remember a time when a neighbourhood girl's parents complained to auntie about me having (accidentally) spoilt her dress with mud.

I was called to the living room after she left, with my cousin sister present. Then auntie ordered me to striip myself naked from waist down. I pulled down my pants but pleaded her not to make me go further in front of my cousin. She wouldn't listen even when I burst to tears, and to my utter horror, she asked me to put my hands on my head, and then ordered my cousin to pull my underwear down!! I writhed in shame as my cousin did that, and then laughed and teased for more than a half hour. After that my aunt came over with a leather belt and lashed my naked bottom as I pushed it out to her about 20 times. I counted. I was then, ordered to stand in the corner facing the wall with my hands on my head and my now red bottom showing, and as I was there, I aunt called up the girl whose dress I had spoiled, and asked her to come over. Minutes later, she was there in the living room, laughing uncontrollably and making jokes about my bottom to my cousin. When aunt came over to the room, she asked me to turn around and apologise to the girl, keeping my hands up, still.  I did. And As I saw her giggle while looking down at my thing while I stood there in my naked glory, I cried like a child, which was a source of further amusement to them.


I couldn't get out of my house for a week, because of the embarrassment.

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Stories of this nature must be viewed with some caution. Is the anecdote merely the expressed desire of someone to share a fantasy in order to derive pleasure at the reactions of his/her readers? Is it really a true story and a cry for understanding?.<br />
The whole ethos of the story revolves around exposure of the body and genitals to members of the opposite sex, coupled with sadism, and it would appear unlikely that a woman would expose herself to possible criminal charges by inviting neighbours and acquaintances to view her 'handiwork'.<br />
My siblings and I were the subject of a sadistic mother over half a century ago, despite her enjoyment of our suffering, she was too smart to show others the evidence of her cruelty, and that is the more usual scenario. Look up all the stories of child abuse and the same pattern emerges pain, secrecy, fear and more secrecy.<br />
As for immature threats to slice off the heads of the perpetrators; that worries me more than the story and I would suggest that people who say these things should examine their motive for saying them.

I got similar treatment as a young teemer, and now get tremendously<br />
aroused when my girlfriend indicates to me that "I'm in trouble" when<br />
we get home.

At my house, I would have been forced to ask the neighbor girl to give me a spanking.

Not with a neighbor but with my 12yo sister. I was 14 and was trying to read "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" at a table in the back yard. My sister and her friend were pestering me. After sneaking up and tickling my ear with a feather they found , I whirled around and gave her shoulder a slap. Mom had just stepped to the back door in time to see me hit my little sister who seeing mom, screamed like she'd been shot!
Chaos! I became the big brute and she the innocent little girl.
Susan was sent for the hairbrush and I was made to ask her to spank me. "on my bare heiny"
After the spanking I was surprised to see Gail, my sister's friend with tears in her eyes not a sneer on her face. Before she left she gave me a hug and said she was sorry she got me in trouble. About 2 months later she became my first girlfriend.

yeah and your parents or whoever should go to jail for that !

Who spanked you, your mom or your sister? Did Gail see all of you that day and were you embarrassed that Gail was there to see. I assume you were spanked bare a lot in front of your sister and she has seen you naked anyway a lot of times so it was no big deal with her there.

If spankinbg is an accepted custom, it should be given bare-assed, and of course the sex parts will be visible to all who attend. Remember this is as much an erotic fantasy as it is a supposed memory.

If we laughed at someone getting their bottom. We'd be ******** and be next in line.

CanningHumble: I don't see how you can justify your position. I hope that you're not a parent. Honestly, because the boy ACCIDENTALLY got mud on the girl's dress he should be severly punished and humiliated? God help our society.

Humiliation is the most important factor in the punishment. <br />
<br />
He has not yet learned to behave decently towards girls. To be thrashed in front of the girl, will lead him to the right way. Also, the girl has the right to satisfaction. satisfaction she gets when she is witness, when he get punished and humiliated in front of her, and still naked, he has to apologise to her.<br />
This will teach him a lesson!

You really deserved your punishment. You should feel shame about spoiling a girls dress. Therefore you also deserved to feel shame of being trashed naked in front of the poor girl.<br />
<br />
The girl whose dress you had spoiled, should have witness your punishment. . But to apologise to the girl has not been enought, you should have to ask her for at least 10 more lashes by herself to give her satisfaction. To be trashed and humiliated in propper way will help you to learn respect against women and girls.<br />
<br />
All girls in your neighbourhood will know what will happen, if you will not be polite and respectfull in future. <br />
<br />
Even already grown up, you should be punshed witnessed by the girls, stripping naked and lashed before you have to pologise while the girls having there amusement seeing you humilated and crying like a child.

and you need psychological help!

I was often spanked in front of others as a young teen. Especially when my mom had been drinking I would get spanked for the slightest reason. The neighbor girls knew this and would often tell my mom things so that I would get ******** in front of them and spanked until I was crying. I would have to stand in the corner facing them after the spanking for a half hour. Sometimes I would have to do chores while remaining naked and others could see me.

Ur aunt is having gr8 technique in playing mind games.

this punishment was humiliating and embarassing.<br />
fair enough to be given a spanking.<br />
to have your cousin pull down your underwear and being naked in front of other children is humiliation of the worst kind.<br />
no one deserves that.

if i were you,i would have already kill my auntie, my cousin and my neighbour. it is so not right. i going to slash thieir head off

if i were you,i would have already kill my auntie, my cousin and my neighbour. it is so not right. i going to slash thieir head off

if i were you,i would have already kill my auntie, my cousin and my neighbour. it is so not right. i going to slash thieir head off

if i were you,i would have already kill my auntie, my cousin and my neighbour. it is so not right. i going to slash thieir head off

When I was living at a foster home at the age of 15 the foster mother punished me in a similar way. Besides treating me horribly and constantly being degraded, I was made to do all the housework. I was the only boy and I think that must have played a role in the way I was treasted as the girls never were subjected to anything like what I was. On the contrary I almost never saw one of them in trouble. As time passed she conditioned them to consider me the same as she did and they began to participate in my torments as well. I began tro feel like I was nothing and contemplated suicide then and throughout my life. Later I enjoyed moderate success in business on my own yet I've always had trouble in relationships and It's always been a sore point with me. Especially when people often ask why I am good looking, have a business, a house and no girlfriend. I've never been able to discuss this till now.

Yes, many adults live with a spanking fetish from child spanking. I"m one. I got pro help to deal with it but as addictions go sexual ones are hard to beat. The shame of ritual nudity and genital exposure isn't removed when a parent does this to a child in private. My mother tried to hide here enjoyment of spanking but I could see it in her eyes. Prospanking parents often do to religious beliefs don't wont to believe it but spanking can creat sexual addictions like spanking fetishes in children. It's a subtle form of socially accepted "******" when the child and parent both have this fetish. Only the child is a sexual abuse victim and the perpetrator is a parent.

The prospanking parent crowd is still living in denial that for some children the nudity and gential exposure even in private to the spanking parent can be experienced as sexual abuse. The emotional violating feelings are NO different than RAPE! Sadly the trauma can create sexal sado masochistic desires in the child not to mention the parent no matter how moral and supressing they may hide their own fetish can be indulging in their own pleasure while they spank the child!

many girls saw my lil thing when ni was spanked naked it was really embarressing

i been their shamed to many times

My parents were equal opportunity shamers My sister once had to take her blouse and bra of before getting spanked and my father made her do it after her pants and underpants were already on the ground. I asked my dad why he did that and he said, "So her breasts would be showing."<br />
<br />
The idea was "crying crying crying".<br />
<br />
My mother saw nothing wrong with this, saying, she refused to touch her toes, and covering her pubic hair. Unhooking her bra pants-down shot her from defiant to humbled in 5 seconds.

that is abuse- no one needs to be completely naked when spanked and certainly not in front of an opposite sex parent!

i remember when i was spanked naked in front of a bunch of females i was 14 and naked they laughed at the sight of my little penis

I agree with tulick, if I had found out about something to these sorts I would shoot this Bit**, NOW!

the spanking is NOT the issue although i will say 20 times for getting mud on a dress while playing is over kill this story is posted here so i doubt that he thinks it was good for him or that his aunt or anyone was trying to help him <br />
<br />
and if they were trying to help him they FAILED by possibly making him so afraid to play with another girl that he can't make female freinds what happens in 5-10 years from this story when he starts to like girls and is afraid to like them, thinks he's sick because he has a crush on a girl and we don't know what the long term effect of this was he may not even know <br />
<br />
and WHAT lesson does that teach him???? it teaches him nothing more likely gies him a sexual disfuction with women being humilated in such a way by women could very well make him HATE women be violent toward them could create a serial killer who kills women <br />
<br />
The lesson should have been either don't throw mud at people or be more cafrefiul and don't get mud on other peoples clothes but the sexual element to the punishment is WRONG period but even more so when there was nothing sexual in his behavior towards the girl these seem like young kids or at least him somewhere between 6-10. Making him come inside, go without supper lunch whatever the next meal, or without his favorite TV show would have been better- age apriate and fitting of the "crime" <br />
<br />
it also has an aadverse effect on these girls making them cirious about sex and body parts at too early an age could get them in all kinds of touble if they try to do this to another freind (particularly a boy) they feel wronged them <br />
<br />
as to your assersion that back then things like this were done his age is listed as 18-21 he's younger than me i was spanked as a kid in the 80's in a small town and NO ONE ever did anything so disgusting and perverse to me no things like this didn't used to go on (maybe in the 50's and 60"s) but not the 80's <br />
<br />
and even if it did go on its still WRONG whether they would have gone to jail then or not they still SHOULD have thats a scene similar to dilivernce back woods, hillbilly, aplaticha, inbred thinking and a perversion that should cause someone to take a child away <br />
<br />
spank him fine but in underweare you still get the humilation but not the perversion <br />
<br />
applogize fine but clothed again at least in uderware for the girls sake as much as his <br />
<br />
and your a parent god help us all

lol Tulick You I actually see wher your comming from and YOUR RIGHT normally this type of thing now is not a right thing to do but coming from back then when times were different this type of thing was common but now yes i could see the mom going to jail but i would agree that it's not ok now.But TULICK ask if he learned his lesson and if the spanking was good for him. Also ask him if the thanks his parents or aunt for it because it help him as a person.

thank God someone with a brain

That was abuse of an especially cruel and vile nature. No one, no child should ever be treated in that manner no matter what the supposed infraction was. I'm sorry this happened to you. It was very wrong.

and you totally missed the point of my comment it doesn't matter whether the spanking hurt the spanking is not even the issue here <br />
<br />
the issue is that it was inapropreate for the cousin to pull down his pants especailly being a girl<br />
<br />
it was inaprpreate for those girls to see his naked butt and make jokes about it <br />
<br />
to say nothing of him being forced to stand there with girls viweing his penis while he applogized <br />
<br />
its inaproapate for the girls to see his butt or his penis <br />
<br />
what this ant dd is PERVERSE over sexualizing the girls and OVER humilating a kid for something that even all of these years later he still maintains was an ACIDENT <br />
<br />
spankimg him in front of the girls is one thing doing so with his underware down was WRONG <br />
<br />
making him appologize is one thing- even in just his underware but making him do so naked is WRONG this woman traumitized those girls not just this young man it borders on something a pedifile would do its sadistic to say the least and the woman should have gone to jail for that <br />
<br />
unusual punishments are one thing but when they involve the sexual and the perverse come on <br />
<br />
this kid didn't rip off her clothes or try to see under her dress or do anything discussting he somehow got mud on her clothes these were kids playing no more no less and this idiots over reaction is more likely to make him hate women, be violent toward women than anything else <br />
<br />
hooray for the spankers- not

totally agree with tulick,any adult who needs to resort to physical punishment on children over 5/6 needs lessons in parent-hood its not benifitting the child but feeding pervertion of supposed adult CARER

hey again Tulick This is a mental game as much as a physical the the embarrassment of him have to be naked and having his private seen to his cousins and the girls dress effected him more then the spanking it's not abuse not one time did you hear Digitaltr say the spanking hurt or my butt was sore the worst part was the embarrassment READ THE VERY LAST LINE the spanking was mainly the cause the effect was greater and more effective then the spanking.

thats abusive an inaproate <br />
<br />
if she wanted your pants pulled down she should have told you do do it or being the adult done it herself <br />
<br />
it should not have been done in the precence of the other children and your cousin should not have pulled your pants down <br />
<br />
and she sure as hell should not have made you stand their in front of girls with your bottom showing nor should you have been forced to appologise while naked <br />
<br />
that is abusive not only to you but the gorls who did not need to see male anatomy at their age <br />
<br />
and people wonder why i hate spanking