Spanked With The Paddle.

My parents were firm believes in child disclipline and truly wanted the best for me all my life, but I wasn't the best little girl in school. Beginning at the age of eight, my parents began to spank me every time I brought home a bad test grade or things along that line. I didn't understand it till now, but the spankings I was received was helping me, more than hurting me. My mom was the one that always spanked me as my dad was a hard worker, and since her parents used a paddle on her, she used a paddle on me each time she spanked me. I remember the sting after each swing I received as the paddle was big enough to cover my whole *** in one hit and part of my thigh if she would hit low enough. My mom did not take it lightly in the spanking, she did not spank me bare bottom right away, but even with clothes on, it sure felt like bare bottom! My mom was the strong believer of the two, but she also cared about me, and didn't want to hurt me, so she would always spank me clothed. If I wasn't already, my mom would make me put on a pair of leggings in place of any pants to clothe my bottom. My mom would spank me at least 3 or 4 times a week for bad behavior until the age of 13 or 14, where I was being spanked almost every day for mouthing off or whatever the reason should have been. My mom was spanked over the knee by her parents, so she would take my by the arm and put me over her knee as well. To this day, my mom spanks me with the same paddle, and the same type of clothing unless the crime permits a bare bottom spanking. I am now 20 years old and in college (commute) and at least every other day I end up over her knee for something. I don't like the sting of the paddle, but I know the spankings are helping as my grades can not be much better than they are now.

I know some people who dislike spanking will say that this is sexual assault and I can report my mother for it, and I also know that some that do not agree with spanking will say that this is wrong and you should go see a doctor for help, but both have been told to me and I just ignore them. I will never report my mother for spanking me because I'm her "little baby", as she calls me each time she spanks me and I won't go see a doctor because nothing is wrong with a spanking now and than if they are helping me. My mother knows that what I think and she knows that I'm starting to enjoy them and that they are helping me, since she loves me she has told me "Come here doll and listen. I will spank you each and every day if it means that you will have a good life, the life that I could only dream of now, but I know that your still young and you can succeed where I have failed". She than hug me, and out of no where, she gave me a quick spank as we were hugging. Her spanking me has not hurt our relationship, but has helped it. I am not closer to anyone than my mother and will not be all my life.

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Sounds dull, your father should take over, and there should be escalation in pain, or just remove you from college.

pink why at 20 r u spanked every other day?what do u do that u r spanked over your mom,s knee evry other day?

Sweety u seem to need more spankings now then u were younger.but u deserve all your spankings.well your spankings help u learn n do better in school.So i say keep spanking her mom!!!!!!!!!

There's something a bit sick about this situation. No one should spank to begin with. And why a 20 year old would put up with it indicates, I think, a sick situation. Violence is the last resort of the ineffective. Are you sure this isn't made up? If not, run don't walk, to a psychiatrist.

My Mother had the force of my father to do her psychopathic renderings, by never doubting a lie being told by my siblings. She sensationalized it to make the punishment worse. My mother had the temper of an Alligator. My father had this false impression that Mothers are Saints. The only thing that saved my father from being my victim, was he was very ill with a heart problem. Often, I would pray he would die from a heart attack while beating me. When I was 18, I swore I would "Put him down", but better judgment told me, he would die soon enough, on his own, which he did. When I was 24 years old, I went to visit him, to see if he had any remorse, which he did not. I felt sorry for him. This was the last time I ever say him. My Sister and other brothers wanted me to forgive them, but I just couldn't do it, because they were not willing to admit their lies. I'm not angry. I just want my Peace and solitude from them.... forever. People of this mentality, can never be forgiven.. The only thing I find satisfying, is that I forgave myself, for being their victim. Unfortunately for many who have tried to use me, as their fool, has never worked for them. I can spot a user and abuser, a mile away. I was taught by the best, so being such a great student, I never fail to bat 1,000, at the presents of such ilk. I'm known as a really nice guy. I have good friends. I treat people fairly, and am treated with respect, by others. Most of my extended family have the same mentality as my father and mother, and I do not associate with them. Strong problems require strong solutions. Yes, I've learned my lesson about relenting and thinking things will be different with other of my extended family members, but that is a flawed dream, when they all come from the same type of parents, and did not the have the strength of mind to escape the trap of this type of mentality, which is to beat down their offspring with submissiveness, and fear. All of my Siblings Offspring have come to me for advise. My options to them is always.... Either Endure, or Leave and Call the Law for Help. I will always be available to take them in, once they rebel. <br />
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But, It will never be okay for parents to abuse their children by injuring them. Heaven help the person I see beating on anyone.

Olga bared by bottom and turned me over her knees a few times last week! She said she would never but after what I did,a pants down spanking was in order! I am very grateful that Olga cares about enough to spank me!

In the case of such a child, who may be considered a "Bad Seed". May well require Corporal Punishment, but regardless, to Beat, or physically abuse or "Use corrective spankings", is worthless in the case of a "Bad Seed", child. <br />
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If a child requires a Spanking, the parents have failed in their "Teaching". I spent a lot of time with my Daughters and Son, teaching them the Goodness of a Respectable Lifestyle. I watched very carefully, their attitudes and actions, with each other and their friends. I reviewed, with them, all their experiences, in life. It was my goal to teach them, "Wisdom", not "Consequence via Punishment". <br />
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My Children came to me for advise, not an escape from responsibility. They knew, I would help them, not discourage them. I was their "Best Friend", and they respected that. <br />
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Since when, is it necessary to spank a friend, in order to discuss things with them? Respect begets Respect.<br />
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When a parent keeps Vinegar in their pocket (heart), instead of Honey, they will never attract, even a Fly.!!

A bare-bottomed spanking between a 20 yo daughter and her mom seems to be more of a perversion than a justified punishment. The daughter has even expressed her enjoyment of the practice. Since both are of legal age, I doubt anything could be done about it and I doubt if either of the participants would want any changes made. The problem, if it can be determined a problem, is that the daughter is probably permanently programmed to enjoy this kind of 'sexual' behavior. The only future problem could be if the daughter falls in love with a male and brings him home to meet mom and mom decides to spank daughter! Should be interesting to explain to male!

Pinkxodiamond, I just want you to know you are not alone. I am 20 and I still live with my parents and my mom still spanks me with her paddle. I think I have gotten it more this past month than I have in a long time. I know what people say too, but it is either accept her punishment or move out so I choose to accept the spankings she gives me. Would love to chat sometime if you want.

I am glad your Mom still spanks you at 20. You probably need an "attitude adjustment" today more so than when you were small. Also, more than likely with your bottom bare.

WTF?? No offense, but you're the most ackward individual I've ever heard of. First of all, you're 20 years old now, 2 years older than me and your mother is still putting her hands on you? You're a grown *** woman! You need to be whoopin' your own kids by now lol In all seriousness though, I do believe in physical discipline, but when you're clearly of age now it's kinda weird. And if im not mistaken, did you say you're starting to enjoy them? At 20 years of age that's not something normal and I hope you don't think that the other 20 year olds in the world believe it is. If I were you, I'd be embarrassed that I still bend my *** over my mother's lap as big as I am and get spanked :P

dude that sux your 20 and you sil get spanked!!! funny my dad and you mom act exactlly alke exept im 13 and i think im way too old


yeah im a half swedish girl spanking over the knee with the open hand was very common , till my mid teens by dad, didnt really harm me, but never beaten, it did hurt at the time? not bad anymore at 21 now.

Your story may sound unusual, but evidently your mother knows what is best for you. You should both be glad to have each other.

OK RoJoDeepNut you situation is differnt from most people you were abused and that why you dont support spanking but for people who used spanking correctly with no intent of damaging the child or adult in this case spank can be productive and i know you will never see it this way it's happen to me and ive been spanked and actually beaten once but that's a different story but not everyone who spanks is bad and not every spanking has to be a bad one

Spanking, or Beating, or Torture, is not Okay.<br />
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My older Brother and Sister found out they could get me beat to within an inch of my life, by telling lies on me. My father beat, kicked, hit, use a switch, used a stick, used his closed fists and would batter me to a pulp. All the time I would be yelling and screaming and pleading with him to stop because it was not true. These beating would go on until he was too tired to go on.<br />
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I have some terrible scars on me due to it. When I was 18, I rebelled and prevented my father from beating me, again by my holding him down till he was over his rage. I have never associated with my brother or sister since. There are times when a person must simply walk away from and get on with their lives, by burning all their bad bridges, never to walk across them, again. My children know, I am one of the best Dads in the world.<br />
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So, I reject the Brain Shrinkers opinions that people are left affected and effected by what someone does to them. Humans are resilient and heal very quickly. I was over this problem 10 mili-seconds after I left home. Psychology is not a Science, in my opinion, so save yourself. Burn your Bridges and never make the same mistake twice. Knowledge is King, so learn what life is all soon as you can.

My brother and sister were like that but it was my mom. I would've moved out if i could but I can't. Funny thing is now she needs help so I live here and she says we owe her for all she's done for us. She let my brother drive her car when it was new, paid his car bills, gives him money etc and then looks at me and goes back to him. She hasn't done crap for me. My brother and my relationship is strained but I'm on semi good terms with my sister. I take care of her kids and she kisses my butt for it cause it'd cause her so many problems if I didn't love the buggers so much

This begs the question: If someone does not protest abuse, is it ok? Further, if they enjoy it, is it ok?<br />
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This reminds me of the current news story about the teacher that had sexual relations with the 17 year old student of his. Apparently there's a law that states that if the 'victim' is 16 or older and 'consents', then it's not illegal. However, many ask the question of whether or not a 17 year old is able to tell right from wrong. What if she were 15? 14? 12? 20? People mature at different rates, and are at differing levels of maturity at any given age. <br />
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To further the gray area, an environment like yours is bound to have negative effects on your judgement of what is right and what is wrong. You clearly demonstrate this in your acceptance of this bizarre behavior.<br />
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Your mother is clearly disturbed and you seem to be following in that aspect. But, I guess in all fairness we have to force ourselves to be completely ob<x>jective when judging.