Disciplinary Measures

Belt, flyswatter, hand...It worked, but bred hate and grudge...Used unnecessarily sometimes.

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D, I agree with everything you say! It is exactly my experience as well.

I grew up with spanking and it worked for me. Spanking was very common at home as well as school so you did learn quickly that you would be held accountable for your actions and this worked for most! I didn't like it at the time..but am glad I experienced being spanked..needed that lasting impression you were reminded of sitting after! I don't feel it's abusive...but yes there were some parents who got carried away ...they should have been on the recieving end at jail. <br />
The paddle being used at school was a real eye opener for me..seeing it used..then being on the recieving end! It had to do some good as there was more respect for teachers and the schools. k

Chenoan, tell us more.

Yes Princess, maybe YOUR spanking was not proper enough! :)

I agree with you guys that spanking a kid definitly works. But for me nothing really has worked, my parents spanked me when I was little, tried taking my phone and laptop and even grounded me but nothing phases me. Which kind of sicks for tem because I scream, yell, throw things (broke a few of them) and I always talk back. But I guess that just me.

I agree Filthy!! It works!<br />
<br />
Chenoan, I agree with you as well, cuts and bruises are abuse, but there must always be place for a spanking. Children/people differ. The spanker must never spank when he/she is angry!!! Horses for courses!

Agreed, Chenoan. and some kids respond better to a smack of the hand than taking away privileges anyway. It makes them think about what they did wrong because getting paddled hurt and was scary.

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I AGREE, though I don't think like, major punishment and weapons are in order, like a smack to the hand or arm if they're doing something like playing with fire or hurting other kids, smacking a kid when they do something wrong makes them think "this thing i am doing is wrong", though to genuinely HURT the kid is bad, giving them welts and cuts and bruises makes the adult more the child.

Yeah, well....sometimes I think you DO need to lay a hand to make them understand.

I would not want to punish my kid that way. If I can take away privilages or things like that I think they are more effective. It is too easy to spank a child and it can easily happen due to the parent being frustrated and not knowing any alternative.

SAME we got the spoon or the cane. Canes hurt.

Well, it can still be the same, the only difference is these whiny-baby kids who think their parents are "abusing" them when they're trying to teach them right from wrong. They go to CPS or whatever and ***** and get away with ****. That's bullshit man. Yeah, SOME parents get carried away, but most mean well.

It's way different nowadays. I got a leather barbers' strap and it was an acceptable form of punishment back then.