Spanked For Being Bad

I was spanked as a kid. In third grade, I cussed to my parents. I inadverently learned it from a kid, and didn't knew it was bad. Despite my reasoning, I was ordered to wait for my dad in the bedroom. I cringed in fear, knowing that a spanking can occur. He removed my shorts, and exposed my bare bottom.

My dad spanked me six times with a belt. I cried during the ordeal. All this happened because of bad influence from a kid.

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I was spanked a lot as a child & deserved every single one of them,i also spank my 4 kids when they deserve it.

I did and I still was mean, but when I got a spanking, I knew my parents still loved me no matter what, I did.

Ya i got my *** beat when i was young but i turned out good. ;) so i belive its ok.

I believe in spanking, but I don't believe in "wait til your father gets home". Why make Dad the bad guy? Children should get the discipline by the parent who is there when the infraction occurs, not hours later. Also, removing clothing is not necessary, nor is the use of ob<x>jects; if you hurt your hand, then you are using too much force. There is a difference between "spanking" and "beating" --- one is discipline, one is abuse.<br />
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Children also shouldn't be spanked for doing something they don't understand is wrong. Discipline is for intentional disobedience: putting their big hairy toe over the line you have drawn in the sand. Heavens sake, if you draw out the big guns every time something happens, what are you going to do when something big *does* happen? We are not raising animals, but humans. Use some human interaction and reasoning when dealing with your kids.

As the dad of 4 boys, I agree whole heartedly with your opinion on "wait till your father gets home". My wife and I have an understanding that if one of the boys misbehaves, unless it is something really serious, mom will do the disciplining.
We don't agree with your comment that removing clothing is mot necessary. A hand on the bottom with pants and underwear down is the only way to go. A wholloping on the pants does nothing. We know.