Obviously when I was a kid I absolutely hated spankings, I thought my parents were the were parents in the history of parents but then again I got in trouble a lot as a kid. My grandparents were worse because when my cousins and I got into fights my grandfather would pick us up by our hair and toss us on couches. Needless to say the shock was enough to set us straight. But I am very grateful now that I'm older and shows like Nanny 911 exist. My *** would be sore for a week if I even attempted half of what I saw on that show. I'm glad my family wasn't afraid to rain down on me when I messed up. 

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It's not lack of spanking, it's lack of any form of consistent discipline, unrealistic expectations and no limits that are why Nanny 911 exists.

Her methods might be worse than a symbolic spank or two. Disposing of cherished toys could be very scary to a child.

confiscation of items temporarily is different than putting it in a trash bag. I am against scaring children as consequences. And I prefer consequences related to the offense ala Love and Logic. Imho, the newer discipline methods /non corporal ones get a bad rap, bcause they are implemented inconsistently. You'd get the same thing if kids were spanked for beaking rules sometimes and not others. People are afraid to set limits, and enforce them.

lol yeah, great stories, I have a bunch of them

haa i can relate the first kids i sw get spanked other than my bros were my cousins and sometimes we all got it together too-- memorable stories.

and see I'm glad I'll never have that problem in my family, we understand the value of spanking so even when our kids have kids they will be disciplined right.<br />
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nice avatar btw lol