My mom was the one who did all the spanking. And it was always on the bear butt with objects other than her hand. The belt, wooden paddle,flip flops.. She was just aweful. She also used to pull my hair and boy i  hated that!!!

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Hi, I read your story about your mom spanked you badly and pulled your hair. I am sorry you got a bad spanking experience from your mom. Most moms like to spank their kids, I guess it make them feel good, they leave red butts but they don't leave bad memories.
I guess I am lucky had one of those good moms.

feddooo please add me to your cirlcle. Thx :-)

In our family we got the strap once in awhile from my dad, but my mom was home all the time so she did most of the spanking. If you into mischief she was right there with the hairbrush to spank a naughty boy's bare hiney.

Yes the hair pulling is to let us no they owned are azzes. And my mother spanked with what ever she could grab.