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i, too, was spanked as a child. this was by my real dad, however, so there wasn't an issue of non relative 'hands-on' what-have-you. as an eighteen year old adult, now.. there's no way that i will ever put my hands on my kids, even for discipline. i truly believe that any sort of harm or threatened harm to prove a point is incredibly immature and unnecessary. not only was i traditionally spanked, but also whipped by a leather belt. this, my friends, is not a clear form of punishment. i grew up with a false sense of respect for my parentals. i respected them because i feared them, and so now that i am no longer physically abused, there's nothing besides their verbal wrath that may dissuade my involvements. a pat on the bum is one thing, but by use of spoon, belt, bare hand to bare butt, and such, it is not explained and confusing for a child. not to mention that multiple times were there visible markings on both my body and my siblings. to be sent off to school in such a state.. absurd. spanking is completely inappropriate and inevitable if taught to be filtered down as a recurring behavior.

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I am not really sure what to say here......and for many reasons...<br />
<br />
I will happily say that discipline - correctly managed and justified has a place (in our opinion) in society. The problem is when it becomes abuse.<br />
The "lets talk" approach can and does work with some - MAYBE a majority - but there is without doubt (in our opinion) a level and tolerance point where something more decisive is needed.<br />
ANY form of parental abuse MUST be stopped - same in schools. The old ways of "one teacher dealt out the punishment as they were not directly involved" had at least the protection of stopping anger being part of the punishment. Sadly there were abusive people who got into that position of authority.<br />
Having no "ultimate line" of not being crossed -simply means some kids will push limits to the nth degree and never been pull up short. Some who cross that line once - even by accident - may find themselves with a punishment that MAY not have been warrented......... We think that there was and still is a place for CP...........but its managment let it down before.

Wow the ****** up society these days. Holy Jesus ******* christ ( no offense to other religions ) but their ur damn parent and they can decide for themselves wether u deserve to get ****** *** whooped or not. So many rebellious children r because of this issue. Parent aren't into disciplining their children as strictly. No wonder why there are so many dead end ***** and ******. America turned into a **** hole because some dumb **** parents can't control their kids. Fuckkkkkkkk... This society

Grow up youngster. :) and learn to speak English you idiot.

Yeah, because nobody ever took drugs or committed crimes back in the day when whipping and leaving marks was common. It's not like people rebel against that very abuse or anything. Check out my stories. My brother was "disciplined" the same way I was. He nearly died of a drug overdose at 14, and later spent many years as a hobo. Yep, beating your kids sure makes them better people. Yep. Dying at the hands of a parent administering "discipline" is sooo much better than dying years later.