Yes I Did. Every Time I Turned Around I Was Getting A Spanking For Something.

And I wasn't a bad or recalcitrant child.

I just did stuff such as mixing all my Mother's spices together in one big bucket and then refilling the tins and bottles with the mixture.  A can still feel the willow switch that she used on me.

Being late (after sudown) to get home from a friends house after playing.  Standing in the barn, brushing my horse down and hearing the barndoor open and close and seeing my Father standing there with a set of reins in his hand.  I learaned a valuable lesson on promptness.

Getting my first two paddlings in school, when I was in the second grade.  That wooden paddle made a great and lasting impression.  But, it didn't stop me from further paddlings, each and every year.  I got my last one three weeks before I graduated.

They hurt, but they taught me valuable lessons.

It was not abuse, but teaching and learning.  And I'm proud enough to say that I'm glad my parents and my teachers loved me enough to make me want and strive to be a better person.

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LMAO... mixing the spices... UGH...wipes tear...clears throat.. THAT my friend is good stuff...

:-) You realize highly intelligent children are usually painfully bored and "act out"..

It has taken it's time with me and now I am abetter citizen for it. I am a respectable, and caring person. I don't see it in kids, today! They, tell there parents, when they will be home, sass them back, an if you threaten them with a spanking, they will go to the authorities, and the know they will, parents are scared of their children, now a days. But let me tell you, if they lived under my roof, there *** would be mine, and the spankings would really show................

stop whining pepsiboy. They're not your kids and they're not in your roof. Praise the Lord God for that.

Sir, if i may...i so appreciated that story. Being spanked as a for me is a very intimate memory to share. Father did the physical disciline and i loved him so for teaching me howt o be obedient, respectful and even careful. What hurt the most was knowing that i dissapointed him and caused him anger. Father ran the household with n iron fist. There were times i got hs belt on my bare ***. My spankings taught me to be a good woman, an obedient and submissive woman. My farher taught me that men are superior to women generally speaking. He was clear that to please him i would be subservient and do what is expected and demanded of me by men. When i was caught stuffing my bra as teenagers will do he began to measure mty **** tto make sure that i wasn't stuffing. That was humiliating. i know thats why i like humiliation because it makes me feel safe, just like being spanked and disciplined as an adult makes me feel safe. My dad spanked me through colleg up until i was 21.There was always that feeling for me afterwards of intense gratitude and then safety. <br />
<br />
Interesting how it effects women and men differently, you learned to be a good person and i learned my place. i had my panties pulled down and my father spanked me with his hand at the age of 21. i was verver feisty to him again. Dad was my first dominant i thank him for my respect and reverance of men.

Why the **** would your father need to know the size of your breasts. Sick, sick disgusting story!

That's abuse sick

you can say that again. It's nauseating.

Wow! that sounds about what happened to me, it was for my own good, and it would remained me who was in charge. wasn't always bad, and I know i deserved it. When, I crossed the line, they parents and the teachers. i miss it, I feel, I didn't get enough of them, the last time i got a whipping, was when I turned 18, and I was in troule for coming in drunk, and for brgin late(past curfew).