I Need It Bad

When I was growing up?  The one thing i got most of, was a good old fashion spanking.  Most of the time it was my mom that gave me the spankings, and i know I deserved everyone of them, but if my dad, did I knew I crossed the line some where?  He, had only spanked me twice in his life time.  But, they were something to remember.  The first time, was when I had pooped my pants, and had miss summer school, and by the time he had got home, I had pooed in my pants again, and was sitting on the back porch with **** and I had just pissed in them just before he got home.  Mom, did not spank me that day, but when he got there, she made sure he did.  He took off his belt, and he spanked me for about 2 minutes, and the told me to go down in the yard, and take my pants off, and he spanked me bare bottomed, and spanked me for three more minutes.  Then I was told to take my pants, and underwear, and wash them by hand, and if I ever did it again, I would receive the worst punishment ever.  That was the first.  The second, was when I was caught smoking and drinking, and I was 14.  He spanked my butt this time for about a half and hour.  The reason for this one was I stole his smokes and his beer, as he was spanking my ***, I had **** in my pants and pissed them, too!  Then my mom took over were he left off, she spanked me with not only the paddle, but when I had pulled down my pants, she used a switch, and gave me stripes on my *** ,and legs, and a few across the back.  I know this sounds bad, i knew it was coming sooner or later.  The also, said that if I ever done that again, I was going to military school, but that never happened.

When my mom gave me spankings, i knew I deserved them, cause I was a constant pants pooper, and it started while I was in the 5Th grade, and I had stopped for a while, and started again while I was in the 6Th grade, and did this all the way Thur high school.  I tired my best on not getting caught, but some how I did.  Once on the way to school, I had took a **** on the way to the bus stop, and  missed the bus and hide out in the woods near my home till, I figured school was out, and then my brother, told her here I was, and she whipped me all the way to the house from the woods, and so I would not run from her she held one arm, and she spanked me with her other arm, with a belt.  (if you read, my other stories on here). 

My, grandparents were good spanker's, too!  One day, on a fishing trip, I had to poop really bad, and I had, what I thought was chocolate, ad had ate it.  But about a hour into fishing the pains in my stomach was starting to kill me, ad I had the urge to make poop.  Well, I had tried to pull down my pants and underwear, but I filled them up, and the jeans, had just been bought, and before she found out what I did I sat down on a sump and it smashed all over me from the front to the back.  As, we were getting ready to leave, I had to pee, so I stood up and wet my self.  On the way home she asked me, why i was squirming and I couldn't't sit still?  I told her that I had and accident in my pants, and the smell was getting the best of me by now.  I told her that I had wet myself, and I knew she was going to call my dad on me if he had found out, what i did?  She goes we will take care of that.  I thought I was safe, but whose kidding who, here?  Well, when I got home she had stopped by the wood shed and told me to bend over, and touch my toes, and the she began to spank my butt, with a coal-miners belt, that thing is thick!  She had whipped me till she got tired and then my grandfather took over.  This lasted for about five minutes.  Then I, was told to call my dad, and explain to him, why I did it and if I did it again, I would get them same again.  Then I explained to them, while I was getting ready to go fishing, I had found some chocolate, and had ate a piece of it.  They said, that's not chocolate, but it was ex-lax, I had eaten have a bar of it, and that's why I had pooped so much that day and a few days after, that. 

You will find most of my spanking stories and more on here, plus other things, too!  But the last time i was given a spanking, was when I was 18 years old, and that's because I had missed curfew, and I came home a little drunk, and when they came into my bedroom, i was spanking the monkey, and ha d **** my pants while I was getting off.  So, I think I got off lightly, and I know I deserved everyone, plus more........I miss it!

pepsiboy pepsiboy
46-50, M
Feb 24, 2010