Every year as a kid I went to a church holiday hostel. It was a big remote house by the sea run by two couples in their 50's/60's and there were two boys and a girl helper. We thought they were very old but I guess they were just 15 or 16. If you did something wrong you got a spanking from one of the couples who ran it, we called they Aunty and Uncle. It didnt matter who was around they always took your shorts and pants down or for girls their panties and did it on your bare bottom. If it happened to me, which it did several times, I was always really ashamed that girls were looking. But if it was another boy or girl I looked with interest. The oldest kid who came for a holiday was supposted to be around 10 but I remember one year a boy came and he made a big fuss about being 13. The Aunty and Uncles warned him several times that if he misbehaved he would get a spanking but he just said he was too old and they would never do that. In the end we were on a picnic it was like their patience ran out and they pulled his pants and shorts down in front of everyone, told him off good and proper  and gave him a good long spanking on his bare bottom. I had never seen a developed boy and we all had a good look at his bare backside and private parts . After the spanking they made him stand up with his hands on his head and say sorry to everyone with his pants and shorts round his ankles. He burst into tears I guess with the humiliation of all the boys and girls looking at him front and back. They werent cruel or nasty people it was just how it was in those days and it did the trick as he was much better behaved. More to say on the spankings I witnessed there if anyones intrested but thats it for now.

Holkham Holkham
56-60, M
2 Responses Feb 25, 2010

He was very shocked. Im sure he felt his age would mean that it would never happen to him and there was sort of daring them to deal with his naughtiness. Yes he did struggle but his hands were beaten away and once he saw it was in big trouble he stood there and let it happen. It was clear that they wanted him to learn a lesson which is why they made him stand there with everthing on show and that is when he burst in to tears. Yes he had hair growing down there - two tufts either side of his privates, it was of interest because it wasnt a small winkie he was showing. Everyone watched, girls and boys - the punishment was just the same as with a younger child. Yes I have seen other boys of that age spanked when growing up.

I guess the 13 year old shocked when his pants came down. Did he try to resist his spanking and his pants being pulled down and from the story sounds like he had hair growing down there on his privates. Did everyone, girls and boys watch and see the spanking. Was he the only boy of that age that was spanked there that you seen?