Spanking Has Taken Over My Life

I was raised in a strict religious family and was spanked a lot growing up. I would get anything from kitchen utensils to slaps across the face from my mother.  My Dad was more consistent but his spankings were always laying face down on the bed getting the belt on the butt numerous times.  Never  on the bare though always we had our clothes on. 

I remember one time when I was 5 I got whipped 20 times with the belt for not coming in the house in the evening.  We went to a private christian school and would get the wooden paddle there for misbehaving.  When we got older we got canned, which was very painful.  By the time I was 14 I was 6ft 1" and refused to let anybody lay a hand on me anymore at home or school.  As a result I left home and had difficult teenage years living on the street and doing drugs, crime etc..

The wierd thing about all this is that I have had a fascination with with getting spanked on the bare *** since as long as a can remember.  Probably 5 years old.  I know it sounds wierd but its true.  This has affected me in later life.  When spanking pics and videos became available online I became fascinated with the subject and started looking at adult spanking sites on almost a daily basis.  It also became part of my sex life with the spanking of my now ex wife.  She never fully understood it, but was involved in it a little. 

Anyway Im wondering how healthy this im in my 30s and single.  I mean all I do is watch and ********** to spanking movies!!  I want to stop but dont seem to be able to.  I can ********** like 3-6 times in one day!  I really enjoy spanking other females and have done so on several occasions since my ex and I split up.  Is this normal?  Can anyone else relate?

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You can get help. A good therapist to start with and then a group to be able to talk freely about your issues. You suffered a trauma (over and over) as a child, and you need to know that you can take care of yourself now and be happy.

I missed your comment here sassychef till now... very interesting comment about the guilt and confusion, I can totally relate..

to like being spanked is normal but like anything if it takes over your life and prevents u living normally then you have a problem

I wondering if I will ever meet a girl that likes to take it as much as I like to give it.. The ex did it a little but wasn't really into it. I always thought our sex life could have been much better if she would have got into more with me..