How My Parents Punished Me

I grew up in the 1970's when spankings were a common occurrence in many homes and mine was no exception. My parents were very strict and spanking was their main form of punishment and though the spankings were pretty harsh I was never punished without deserving it and I never felt abused or resentful towards my parents.  In fact I was usually mad at myself for having disobeyed them.

My parents believed spanking wasn't really for little kids but more appropriate for older children "that should know better".  So spanking really started from when I turned 10 until I was 16 although I was told that spanking would resume if necessary.  Most of my spankings were during 7th thru 9th grades.

Some of the things I was punished for were lying, defiance, not doing my chores or homework, somtimes grades,  going somewhere or having something that was forbidden.  Backtalking or arguing with my parents was also a frequent reason for punishment.

My father traveled often on business so the job of spanking me was mainly my mother's.  Probably 80% were given by her with the other 20% given by my father with mom "assisting".  Spanking was done with a leather belt just for this purpose they kept in the hall linen closet for easy access when it was needed. 

My spankings were not a "go to your room and wait" event or were they just a few slaps on the bottom.  They were a complete spectacle.  They were always given "on the spot" and came with little or no warning and without regard to who else might have be present. 

A typical spanking started with me being marched/dragged to my room.  Panic-stricken, I'd desperately try to talk my way out of what was about to happen while at the same time struggling to keep my clothes from being removed.  But being a small child for my age, I was no match for either of my parents in a physical contest.  Struggling only slightly delayed the undressing and made them even madder than they were already but I just couldn't help doing it. 

My parents were never concerned with "children's modesty" nor did they make any effort to close curtains or windows beforehand.  All of this made for a very embarassing situation.

The actual whipping came fast and furious.  I was sometimes spanked standing up being held by one arm or my mother would make me bend over the edge of my bed and hold my wrists together behind my back.    I would be hit with the belt at least several dozen times across my rearend and the backs of my legs while I struggled to get away.  If I did manage to get free and roll over onto my back the spanking continued with my legs lifted in the air. 

Unfortunately, I was never able to take my punishment with any amount of bravery.   My behavior during a spanking was quite childish.  From the moment I knew I was getting a spanking I cried, screamed, begged, pleaded and promised to be good.  Again, I just couldn't help it. 

Of course, after the spanking was over and I was released I would jump up off the bed and begin rubbing my stinging butt and legs still bawling uncontrollably.  I knew the pattern of red overlapping belt marks would certainly last several days.

Later I'd lie on my bed still crying into my pillow.  My mind would be full of different emotions.  Guilt for having disobeyed my parents, and embarassment thinking about who witnessed my punishment or who might have overheard it.

Spankings have always been a source of fascination for me as a child and as an adult.  I witnessed friends getting spanked on several occaisions and wanted to know more about how other kids spankings compared to mine but I was really much too embarassed about the subject to ever discuss it with them.  Which obviously is why I'm here. 

So did anyone else have parents like mine?
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Your comment about your parents not closing drapes or shutting windows is me to the core. The only difference it was dad only and he purposely left the bedroom door open. So not only could everyone in the house hear me getting the spanking, they could if they wished stand in a spot in the hall where they couldn't be seen but where they could see everything.
I know, because they told me years later, that my 2 sisters, who were older than me, stood in the secret spot and watched dad take their little brother's pants and underwear off and give him a serious spanking on his bare bum, as a little guy with his hand and as I got older, with the belt.
They also told me that seeing me getting the spankings and hearing my screams was what gave them the idea to blackmail their little brother into accepting the bare bottom spankings that they gave me.

Mine were just like that and I never and still to this day, never considered it abuse. We had to go out and break our own switch. I remember thinking to find a big one because the little ones really stung a lot and left welts on my legs but seeing switch welts on legs was quiet common at school. Sometimes we would compare. We called it the "switch dance" because each time we were struck we would hop from foot to foot trying to dodge the switch. My dad used the belt. Talk about the fear of God. We knew if it was really bad, we got the belt from Dad. Mom saved all the really bad ones for Dad. If we did something and mom didn't punish us, we know what would happen when Dad got home. Strips on my butt for a week. We also got paddled at school too. It was a board, carved into a paddle and they called it the "board of education". Sometimes had holes drilled in it. No modesty there either. It was done right in front of the class, facing the class, so everyone could see your face turn red. But we all learned to respect our parents and authority. Something that is missing in our society today.

Mollybearbaby - Not EVERY child needs to be spanked. I was, but there were several instances in the experience called "growing up" that I would have behaved better with just a stern "talking to" rather than a spanking. The results would have been just as resultant in the desired behavior.But Mom and Daddy both believed in spankings - given by the parent and on the spot. My panties got pulled down and Mom used a paddle or a hairbrush (my only one from Daddy was on the bare bottom with his hand). Public schools in Chicago were not allow to administer spankings or paddlings, and even if they were, my parents would have not signed to permit it (as they do in Indiana). How many times did I hear one or both of them say, "If a teacher lays a hand in my kid, I'll KILL him (or her)"? Countless.


Yes. I'm still have it know I'm 12 And I been struggling in school my vast want me to get all A's and my report card comes tomorrow, and my mom comes back home tonight from her work and I know I will get spanked tomorrow unless my mom thinks of the baby she is pregnant and donts spank me I'm really scared cause my mom misses my bottom and hits my back and legs

I grew up with the same experience. I think it made me a better person. Spanking may not be for everyone, some suffer with PTSD (I guess, based off the response below). however, I think it shaped me into the person I am today. If I did something wrong, I was spanked. What did that teach me? Don't do things that are wrong. Or at the least, hide it a little better. Ha ha. I mean, this whole thing is probably brought up now just because of the whole Adrian Peterson thing. However, ethically, AP thinks he did the right thing because it shaped him into the man he is today and he believes it kept him from the street. So, personally, I do not think it is child abuse. That's just a personal belief, obviously.

Wow I was like you sort of. I lived with my father only an I was an only child. He spanked, or whipped me fits better from the ages like 12 till 16 because finally I got bigger than him and he tried hitting me once and I grabbed the belt and hit him with it and he never touched me again.

My daddy spanked me only once - it was on my bare bottom and he was so drunk at the time he didn't realize he was doing it so hard. He used his hand and it hurt just as bad as any paddle or hairbrush - which was what my mother used. She made up for daddy's refusal to do it again. She usually pulled down my pants and several times in public.

Your description is child abuse. Plain and simple. The fact that you think this is acceptable on the part of your parents, further worries me that this may be a form of discipline that you visit on your own children. I too was spanked with a belt, well actually it was more like a beating. I got them fast and furious as well. Sometimes I was beaten so badly that I couldn't sit, in which I missed many days of school as my mother was afraid she'd be reported. I was beaten naked, with her demanding I ***** in front of her, right up until I was 15 years old. I think the spankings were more to gratify her needs than a need to punish me for any indiscretions on my part. I have not had a relationship with my mother since 1997. My children have never met her. She's not fit to be a grandparent and if she so much as laid a hand on my kids, I'd have her arrested in no time flat. I suffer from PTSD and major depressive disorder because of what she did to me. I'll be on meds for the rest of my life. Spanking is not discipline, it's abuse, period. How can you teach your children not to hit others if you hit them? It's to vent frustration and that's it. I have three amazingly well behaved, sweet, smart children, and I've never put my hands or anything else on them in anger and I never will!

I had parents like yours although my mother preferred a freshly cut switch to a strap but during inclement weather I felt the razor strap on my bare behind. My father didn't spank me often but when he did he used a paddle identical to the ones the teachers used in school.


I grew up very similarly to you and got the belt into my teen years. I too would cry like a baby.

My parents were a lot like yours. they had no qualms about stripping my brother and me into our teens and then laying on with a belt or wooden spoon till we were howling. I got it fast and furious too as i was a struggler and so esp my mom would begin to whup me from the start, even before I took anything off.<br />
<br />
Sometimes the spankings were quick and the undressing was minimal, other times when they were really mad usually when their had been some sort of deception to go with rule breaking that I would have to take everything off, at least below the waist, except for sox. <br />
<br />
I was a normal teenager and matured on the fast side so I think my development may have played a role in stopping my mother from spanking me like she used to. My father did it right through HS with my last licking being on the bare bottom, if not ******** bare.<br />
<br />
Like you i was a terriible crier and carrier on and this no doubt contributed to my getting it worse or making it harder for all to take. My brother was more stoic, but I could never be right to the end. I always hope to get out of it or have it end on my terms, but it never did.<br />
<br />
I be left physicially exhausted but emotionally aroused.

my punishments were always full on and in front of anyone who happened to be there. They were always done at home naked there was a punishment block in the corner of the room a large block of wood about the size of a coffee table but a little higher. We all had to lay on this for the beating. I would frequently get off it during he beating. They put two hooks in it on one side and after that I was tied to the block. The school also caned you for almost anything and required you to infom your parents. They would have to contact the school to say u had told them if they did not you were canned again and told to tell them. This would continue until they had contacted the school. The problem was that when I told them they would also beat me over the block. If had ben really bad like swearing in school they would beat me but not contact the school knowing I would be done again. They would then do me again at home.<br />
i was frequently beaten at home and school because of this as were my brothers and sisters. I remember times when all six of us were beaten at home one after another The usual dose was 6-10 strokes with a belt 3 " wide. i was the youngest but this did not earn me any priviledges in fact I good more beatings because the older ones would dobb me in for anything. he olderst brother was ten years older than me he usd to copy the punishments when he was looking after me. I new if he was in charge I would be beaten for something. I still love to be punished in this way and it as been part of my life ever since. I prefer to be punished than doing it to others

I was sometimes given a bare bottom hairbrush spanking lying on my back mum holding my legs and whacking m!y bottom did i cry? kick? struggle? you bet i did could not sit for 2 days!