Bend Over And Grab Your Ankles

As kids way back then if we did the crime we got the punishment. Our dad would take us three girls and line us up for our punishment.

Why the three of us at one time? because we did some wrong things as kids together so we paid the price for it.

See that is the problem now days. Kids and young teen agers know what the laws are now days. You spank now  you will get turned in and go to jail or suffer some charge with the law.  And so they do what they pretty much want to now days.

A spanking as a kid taught us that this is what is going to happen if you go against the rules. I'm not talking about a bruising or a beating here.

My dad always had a huge hand to whack our bottoms hard when we had it coming.

I look back and laugh in one instance when us girls knew we were going to get a spanking from dad.

We ran into the bedroom and got some cloth diapers out of the drawer and padded our butts with them. When the time came for our spanking

dad said ok bend over and grab your ankles and us  girls started to laugh. Down came his hand on our butts and that's when he noticed the padding.

We were told to remove it and we all got an extra swat for pulling that one.

Yes, spankings never hurt us and always made us think twice about doing anything wrong. 

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7 Responses Apr 18, 2010

I spanked the children when they were younger and it wasn't a beating either as I was spanked too. It was reminder that when ever we did wrong, there were consequences, something children these days don't have. I think the law has gone too far and we are paying the consequence of that.

I've never been spanked but understand why most parents do. yes i am sometime badly behaved, but then again who isn't. i dont care how old you are or how good you are, when you are older you will look back and think, yes maby i wish i had have been told off/spanked as i wouldnt have done it again, many of you reading it will think im stupid but if you use your common sense you will relise that most of the comments here are soooo true!!

spanking is mean and should be banned

Thank you Ma'am I get spankings I am in no way abused I only get spankings on the butt no hits ever leave my butt. Sorry Ma'am I didnt write back sooner I just read that you wrote back. Have a nice a fun day Ma'am

Im 14 and I know that spanking arent abuse ma'am and I know everytime I do something wrong it is warranted a punishment and let me tell you im glad my father figure spanks me because I look at my friends who werent spanked and I think oh man that could be me if my father figure and step mom didnt care enough to spank me. Yes Ma'am many kids my age do think spanking is abuse but I dont. I still get spankings when I disrespect someone or mouth off to my father figure and step mother. Like they say if you act like a child then youll be treated like a child. Thank you Ma'am for sharing your story the daiper thing sounds like something me and my little brother would do hehe. Have a nice evening

Yea.....they have a better swinging arm......and lets face it....It always hurt harder when you have to wait for it.......,I always hated to hear my mom say those dreaded words......"Wait until your Father gets home"....

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