Well my parents never spanked me but I was spanked once at 8 by my friends older sister but she pulled down my shorts and kinda touch me then spanked me over her knee but after she hugged me told me I was her spanking buddy. It was kinda weird at first she would get into trouble on purpose when I visited and run and to hide where ever I was and she would try to get spanked by her parents infront of me it didnt work at first because she would get dragged to her room were she got her spanking but she would secretly show me her bare red butt after every spanking I was there it was fun:)
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Sounds as if it was great fun for BOTH of you! How old was she when you were 8? How often did she spank you?
did she ever spank you bare or just over your underwear? Where would you go for her to show you her red bottom?

Did you spank her
What was the age difference