My Big Brother

My older brother is my guardian. He is11 yrs older than me. He is super strict. He still spanks mewhen he thinks i need it.

The most recent one happened at midterm of the semester. He expects A's and B's. I had a C and D. I knew I was in for it. When I got home I was on the computer and he asked me to pulled up my grades (we go to same school so he knew grades were posted) I lied and told him the system was down. He left to get his tablet and pulled up the website our grades are on. He said "You lied to me" I stuttered "No, sir" He said "GET UP LEILANI!!" I got up and he pulled up the website and told me to enter my info. I did as I was told because I knew he was already pissed for me lying. I looked at my grades and saw the C and D. I started to explain. He said" Shut up.. What the hell are you doing everyday you go to that ******* school" I said" I am trying I swear" He said " We are going to make sure you try harder. I am going to tear your *** up." I started crying. He said " I bend over backwards for you to get an education and you go up there and **** around and I am tired of you. You are going to feel it now." He tell me to pull my pants and panties down and he takes his belt off and he belts my *** for about 15 min. I am screaming and asking him to stop and I will do better I promise. He didn't let up. When he stopped I was trembling I hate when my brother spankslike that. He tells me to go get cleaned up and get ready for dinner. I said okay. I love you, Josh. He said I love you too but I won't hesitate to put that belt back to that ***. I sniffled and said okay.

I love my big brother. He's the best. PS.. Final grades are posted Friday and I didn't do too well on one of my finals. I'm possibly going,to, have a sore *** this year. :'(
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You got what you deserved. And good for him making you take your panties down. You don't deserve to keep them up. That said remember it's for your own good and he does it out of caring for you. You should consider yourself lucky.

Wow 15 min is a lot of spanks.

wow he is still a really nice brother in the end


How did he become your guardian?

My mother is an alcoholic and she used to beat me really bad so the courts sent to him.

O sorry to hear that!!!:(

But your brother seems nice when he is not spanking you

You have a nice brother.
Is you always being spanked on your bare butt?

You got what you had coming

yeah, I guess