My Unique Situation

I have an older brother. He is fifteen years older than me and we are not biologically related. We met on the Internet and he adopted me as his little sister. I am so happy I get to be his and have a great brother like him but he also punishes me.
We don't live close so when I get punished my big brother either tells me the amount of smacks I get for whatever I did and what implement to use. So for example if I don't take my medications he will assign me a spanking. After I spank myself I have to sit on a chair for ten minutes or stand in the corner as time out.
Colleyjenk Colleyjenk
18-21, F
4 Responses Dec 20, 2012

Have you ever met face to face? Do you spank yourself on the bare? How does he know you followed through your assigned spanking, do you allow him to hear or see it?

That would be nice

how did you meet him? what website?

Couldn't you just lie and say you spanked yourself?