My Friend Spanked Me

When I went over to my friends house I kind of spilt my juice and my friend told me to go get her parents and then her parents said ok we aren't going to tell your parents but we are going to spank you I was nervous but when they told me to drop my pants i didn't they forced them down and there and I was bum naked so the slowly bent me down and when they hit me it really hurt my parents know them well so they don't care if I get a beating from them.
Christy13 Christy13 13-15 5 Responses Oct 31, 2009

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That's true Peter!

What your friends parents did was without doubt wrong. Probably illegal in most countries now.<br />
The best thing for you to do is pretend that being slippered has no effect on you. Smile and look happy. Tell yourself that you WILL enjoy the punishment. Keep smiling at all times and you will soon see the other person starting to get worried as you are not re-acting in the way that they had expected.<br />
You will find that the first wack of the slipper is the worst and that the more you are slippered the less the pain feels.<br />
Enjoy it.

With what did she spanked you?

Soo many strokes but yea she moved soo I hveny been spanked in so long I Miss it

Glad for you! With what did she spank you and how many strokes?