Following on from a conversation with a good EP friend, this memory sprang to mind. It's amazing how memories can be long since forgotten about, but then come back out of the blue? Anyway, I would have been 13 at the time, and this time it goes something like this;

"MICHAEL!" I looked across at the clock on my bedside table, and pulled my duvet back over my head.

A few minutes passed and "HOY, TIME YOU WERE UP!" The shout came from the bottom of the stairs. Again, I checked the clock and it was 8.35am. I still had 25mins to get dressed and run the 5 minutes to school. So at least another 10, maybe 15mins sleep.

Another few minutes later and the inevitable "MICHAEL, GET UP NOW! YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE AGAIN!" I made the fatal mistake of shouting back that I was up, when in fact I'd rolled over and pulled the duvet over my head.

A few more minutes later and I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, an almighty bang at the door and the bedroom door swing open and hit the wall. I rolled over and looked and there was my mam stood in the doorway with a face like thunder. I glanced at the clock and it was 8.45. I was starting to cut it fine to be at school on time, but this was a well practiced routine and I knew I could make it by a hair's width, if I ran. Unfortunately the routine always included my mam nearly loosing her voice shouting from the bottom of the stairs, and this time she had had enough.

At this point reality and embarrassment hit home that I didn't have anything on under the duvet, and there was my mam stood there to ensure I got out of bed! Cringe Central, because showers after PE were bad enough, but this was going to be my mam! I know she'd seen it all before, but not for a few years, and especially with nothing all at on!!! I could feel my face start to burn up!

She reached forward and went to pull the duvet off, but I held on for dear life. She slapped my hand, and pulled again but again I held on. By now my legs were out, but my top half was still covered. She started shouting that I'd better get up this second or I'll regret it. Stupidly I just lay there are got my legs back into bed.

Now, if I thought my dad could get annoyed, this was a sight to behold! My mam lost it and screamed at me to get up and went very red in the face. Once again I point blank refused to move. I don't know where she got the strength, but she dragged me out from under the duvet and I ended up on the floor, desperately trying to cover my bits! This just made her madder because, well just because...

She'd won now, and resistance was futile. I scuttled across the floor to collect my clothes, but she sat down on my bed and shouted to get across her knee. Noooo!!! She grabbed me and pulled me over. I hadn't been in this position for about 18 months, but it's like riding a bicycle, you never forget. She slapped my bum quite a few times, and it stung a bit, but I was now used to slipperings, beltings and even the cane at school, so this was almost like a stroll in the park in comparison.

My mam must have realised that, because I wasn't making a sound throughout, so told me to get up and bend over my bed. I stood up, trying to twist my nether regions away from her view, knelt on the floor and reached forward over the bed. My mam went into her room, which was only next door but it seemed to be ages as I lay there, very conscious of my distinct lack of clothes! I was also conscious of the time - I was now very much pushing for time to get ready and get to school on time.

She came back in with one of her slippers and whacked my backside a few times, maybe about 4 or 5. I was determined not to make a sound and gripped the duvet hard and stared at a point on the wall. It was as it the sole of that slipper was made of foam, because it wasn't hurting at all much - probably on a par with her hand.

I remember her throwing it down on the bed beside me and I could hear rustling behind me, but couldn't turn around to see what was happening. Then I felt an almighty pain on my backside, followed by another, and another, and another. Maybe about 10 whacks later, many yelps, shouts, tears and snot, I found out what she'd hit me with - because it landed on the bed to the side of my head. She'd seen and used my own trainer! A very well worn pair of black Adidas Sambas I used to play football in! I never thought it would pack such a sting!

After that I had about 5 minutes to get ready, brush my teeth, sort my hair and run to school. Needless to say I didn't make it in time. Try running with a burning backside, it's not easy! Then the embarrassment of trying to hide red eyes from your classmates when everyone looks at you when you walk in late. I still got a detention for being late, but was let off the mandatory slippering back at home for getting a detention, because of the reason I was late. I suppose I should be thankful for small mercies?

The irony of this, is a few years ago I bought a pair of blue Adidas Sambas in a sale. When I had a look at them this morning, after I remembered this. I saw they were the old style and had the exact same sole as my old pair. I couldn't help a wry smile and a gentle rub of my backside!
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Couple of thoughts come to mind.
Your Mum was acting very southern, spanking in bedroom rather than living room...
Second was it more humiliating because you were completely naked
Was it a more significant spanking because it was your mum doing the spanking
Would a Nike product have hurt more?

It was just a case of there and then, and was a bit of a change of scenery for me anyway! It was soooooo humiliating being butt naked - the one and only time, but at least I didn't have to *****.

And tbh I didn't care if it had been Nike, Reebok, Puma or Diadora - the sole of that Samba was as tough as its leather uppers!!

Good that your mum could sill pack a punch.I can share that frusttration of a spanking being insufficient and lookining round for something more significant. I can remember being on holiday in Cromer, going back to the hotel and dad wanting to really belt me but he was unable to find a belt of any weight, so ended up using a sandal after a lot of scrabbling around. And that did hurt.

Not good for my backside though! Lol

bet you were relieved lol