hi my name is delly and im 17.

well it started off this morning when i told my mum to **** off as she was ******* me off, so she said you are on your first warrning and then i told my brother and sister to **** off at lunch time and my mum gived me my last warrning and then i lied to my mum 30mins later so then she said go to you room and take of you pants and underwear so i went and done that, 5mins later she comes in with a belt and a hair brush and when she brings them it means a 1 hour spanking and then 30 mins each day so she puts me over her knee and hand spanks me untill my bum goes pink then she gets the hair brush and spanks me with it for about 40mins then she leaves me in the corner for 7 mins the she comes back and spanks me with the belt for 20 mins by this point my bum is so red and then is 30 mins in the corner.

thanks for reading
dellytheminer dellytheminer
16-17, M
2 Responses Dec 20, 2014

sorry for your butt...

U deserved it young lady I would do two hrs

it really hurt

Good but i would give u two hrs of spanking and corner time afterwards