I was about 7 and I remember we went to the store for school pants and a jacket I was bored and got in a nasty mood, when I found out mom wanted to buy short grey school pants and not long pants I threw a fit in the store mom was embarrassed but the store keeper an older man suggested to my mother I might like to try on the short trousers in the back office She said yes and I was marched into the back office the kind man carries the two or three pairs of grey short pants and the shirts that I was going to be fitted for well once inside mom had a chair and she had the clothes on a table. As the man left us alone he said take as long as you like to my mom. Well I was busy getting my pants down to try on the new school ones I never notice mom was looking at the table in between the white school boy shirts and the grey short pants a heavy wooden ruler. already down to my underpants Mommy simply said "come here Patrick" mommy put the ruler to very good use on my bottom before we even tried on the short pants . The store keeper smiled as he saw my red face and mom bought the shortest of the shorts We will have a few new rules after this trip mom said told me to move along,
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You were lucky it was done in private.

i was around 8 an shopping with mom being so young i was bored an trying on things in million stores i was acting up and mom warn me to be good or else having attitude an being rude we stop at sports store mom got paddle we left she took me to the car pull my pants an underpants down an paddle me with the paddle i was crying out like anything kicking up storm when she was done she pull up my pants an march me into the store with red eyes walking around and she said if you dont behave we will go out to car again

This is a good example how we must be taught since our young age to turn later to obedient hubbies.

that is so true i cant agree with you more

Mom bought a heavy wooden ruler and I given the benefit of it many many times

Can you describe some more cases when she used it? Has she ever used a belt to teach you, too?

few times no toften my mom use wet towel an smack my *** alot with it an then hair brush
mom use belt maybe 5 times total

And what were these new rules and how often were they used in practice?