There were more than a few such incidents but I am writing about just one of them here but in the comments cause the
melons at TOS keep deleting myself the nanny state that
they are
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Yeah, it's the best way to pay for fights and dirty jokes (I mean, it's the best for your future behaviour).

was a spanked teen alright one day when I was 13 I was sitting in my room complete my hw
when my came in the a letter from the school about bad behaviour from me for the last few
days including some fights telling some real dirty jokes. She said she was what I need was a good spanking on my bare bum (only she actually used the A word) It was amazing she did also decide I
need my mouth soaped up as well. Well mom took the plastic hair brush off my desk ( lucky
for me there were no wooden hair brushes in our house cause I heard those ones hurt more)

She pulled me by the arm over to my bed sat down undid and pulled down my jeans but me
across her knee pulled down my underwear and used the hair brush for the whole spanking
until my bum was dark red and felt like it was on fire so that for sure take over 25 spanks.
Just whack whack whack whack whack whack, Whaa whaa whaa please mommy
My legs were scissor kicking like crazy and I was squirming the throughout the whole spanking
I started crying right from the first spank and did not stop crying for a while after the spanking was done. My dad made me write an apology to my teacher for all my bad behaviour but thankfully I did not have to disclose what I got and the next day was not a gym day or might of died having to shower with my but still red.

Do you think 18 is to old just asking not spanked but I have a way more bad behavior and attitude then Snowbird22

Then I think i need it

Best get it over with then.

I was spanked at home till I was 21 and my last one at school when I was 18.

Daddy ALWAYS spanks my bare bottom but also makes sure to leave some large handprints on my upper thighs. He makes me wear shorts so it is quite obvious that I was recently spanked. It's embarrassing but still excites me.

I had to shower after games on a few occasions just after I had been caned much to the delight of other boys in the showers.

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