My mom was a kind and patient lady, but she had clear rules about what was to happen if one of us children broke an important rule, such as swearing directly at another person, disobeying orders from mom or dad, or not doing homework and chores after having been told for the second time. If any of that happened, the culprit would be sent to her room, and mom would follow 10 or 15 minutes later (the waiting time seemed like an hour at least!). Then there would be a conversation on what we had done wrong and why we were going to be punished. At the end, the child was expected to say something like "I agree that I need to be punished."
Punishment would almost invariably be over mom's knee, culprit's backside exposed, and mom's hairbrush doing the talking. There was never a fixed number of spanks; I guess she went by the effect that the spanking seemed to have. Afterward, mom would give hugs and say that everything was forgiven, but better watch out the next time!
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If you truly didn't agree that you needed to be spanked, would you fib to your mother and say that you did agree?

When I was growing up, I can't imagine myself saying those words to my mother, however naughty I might have been. I never believed I "needed" a spanking from her.

I remember 2 or 3 occasions where I thought that I did not really deserve a spanking; but still I nodded when my mom asked me whether I did. Not a very courageous girl here...

That sounds exactly as a spanking should be given. My mum was kind and patient too, but she didn't believe in spanking. I wasn't badly behaved, but there were times when I answered her back or refused to do something when it would have done me good to feel her hairbrush. I guess it would have done her good to give me a spanking, and then hugs, as well.

Reading all these stories reminded me of my boarding school days. I spent 3 years at a convent school. Then nuns were very strict but of course us boys were always pushing the limits. Whenever we were caught breaking the rules we were sent to stand under the statue. This statue was outside the office. We had to wait there until the nun returned to the office and delivered the punishment. It was always with a brush but the delivery varied depending on which nun was punishing you. One nun would make us bend over a chair and spank us with our pants on. We always went into the office one at a time. My favourite nun (she was younger than the other nuns) would sit on the chair, brush in hand and instruct us to drop our pants and underpants then pull us over her knees. She would rub my butt as she detailed my transgressions then begin spanking, alternating from cheek to cheek. When done she would again rub my burning butt while telling me to correct my behaviour or I would continue to be punished. In my last year at this school I was beginning to enjoy being spanked by her. I remember standing up after a spanking with both hands rubbing my burning butt and my ****** standing to attention. She was always trying to cover up a smile as she stared at my erection. Perhaps this contributed to my being a slave when I reached adulthood. After the spankings we would rush to the bathroom to compare butts to see whose was more red. I was often under the statue when she was on duty. Fun days.

my daughter got the hairbrush last night

love the stoire spanking mummy give the naughty girl a spanking

Sounds like a good mom. My mother would wait for us to calm down after a spanking and ask "Do you understand why I had to do that?"

"I agree that I need to be punished." That is funny but real.

Exactly as it should be. How do you feel about it?

everything was good

I know what you mean about moms. My mom used to tell me that God gave little boys bums for their mommy and daddy to spank them on. I can tell you, both of my parents took full advantage of god's gift. There were few weeks that I wasn't across one of their knees with my briefs around my ankles.

I remember lots of moms like that when I was growing up. My mom was an enthusiastic supporter of the hairbrush for spanking naughty boys and girls.

And, if you ever got caught swearing, or telling a lie, you could be assured that your mouth would be washed out with Ivory soap - followed by a thorough hiney warming with the hairbrush!

Sounds like my Aunt, who was really like a mother to me as I lived with her and my uncle for 3 years while my parents were working overseas. She was also a very kind, loving person whom I adored but she was also very strict and quick to spank! She firmly believed in spanking as a punishment of first resort and I spent a lot of time over her knee and my bare fanny became very familiar with her hairbrush over those 3 years!

Yes moms back in the days wouldn't hesitate to put u over there knee n give u a good hard spanking,my mom would do the same

With me and my brothers it was the slipper or strap that did the talking.

My sisters and I felt the slipper


Hand and slipper and one used a hairbrush