Delayed Action!

During our youth the room mum usually took us to in order to dish out a spanking to one of her errant daughters' bottoms was where the phone was kept. She sat on a chair next to the phone, gave the lecture then pulled us over her knee and applied hand or slipper to our bottoms.
When I was about 14 I had done something to displease mother and was bent over her knee, nose pointing to the carpet, bum high in the air, when the phone rang. Mum picked up the phone but kept me in position over her knee and patted my bum gently and affectionately as she chatted a few minutes. She then said, "Sorry, I must go. I'm right in the middle of something important."
She then put the phone down and said, "Now where were we? Oh yes! Mustn't keep your bottom waiting, must we?"
Then she proceeded to deliver smack after smack to my poor bottom! The best of it was that this 'delayed action' phenomena occurred to both me and my sisters quite a few times during our childhood!
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I love how affectionate she was and how she spared your feelings by just saying "something important" instead of what she was doing. These days a lot of parents are too obsessed with their phones to even *think* of disciplining their own children.

I get disciplinary spankings when ever my wife thinks I need it. Its was just after Christmas and she put me over her knee and was giving me a good sound spanking with her hairbrush and I was bawling like a child when her phone rang. She stopped spanking me and answered it only to tell my sister to hold on that she that I was getting an attitude adjustment. She simply laid the phone down and finished spanking me with her hairbrush till I was bawling again and begging my wife to stop. She let me up motioned me to stand in the corner which I did. She then resumed her conversation with sis and explained how I earned a good spanking across her knee.

I wished we had a phone - thinking it would be great to be able to call my friends from home instead of queueing at the phone box - maybe it wouldn't have been such a benefit after all!

You should have gotten credit for the long waiting time!

What a great story and memory. I love that she patted your bum gently and affectionately while she spoke on the phone! What parent could resist when a pert, young bottom is across their lap? ;) Also, I think that it showed that you she loved you very much, wasn't angry with you, but needed to discipline you for your misdeed! What a great mum you had.

Of course it didn't :)

It wasn't a phone that interrupted my spanking but a fuller brush man..... How unfortunate. . . . for my bottom but a great sales pitch... She was expecting our neighbor so when the bell rang she yelled it's open. She had me bared over her knees at the top of the steps and had given me only 2 swats with her hand... he soon had her trying various brushes on my bottom 2 swats each then they would all talk about the effectiveness of each... both mom and the neighbor bought 2 brushes. . . . .

My mom would have mentioned that she was just starting to give me a good spanking with the hairbrush and that she would return the call in a few minutes.

Were you afraid Mum would tell whoever called that she was spanking you?

Lucky for you!