i got spanked for going to a halloween party with alcohol and my mom found out. :(( she always does it over her lap on the bare and it hurts really really bad. she either just uses her hand or hairbrush but this time she used the paddle and damnnn it hurt like frackin terrible. 14 is too old to be spanked for sho
haydenkayy haydenkayy
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yes, typical teenager

You should get spanked till 18 if you go on with alcohol. A caning would be better. You have bend over the table totally naked and get tied up. The burning pain and the humiliiaton to show your privates will teach you a lesson.

Taking alcohol to a party at your age? You clearly need to be reminded of how a young lady should behave. If I was your father, I would have spanked you.

she didn't take alcohol to the party. she went to party where there was alcohol at the party

I would say you had that one coming. You are not to old to be spanked. You are old enough to know the rules. It sounds like your mom loves you and wants the best for you.

were the consequences not clear. how has your mother noticed it?

You deserved what you got and in no way are you too old