With My Husband.

I was with my husband at a club, he was very drunk, I was wearing a miniskirt and high heels like I always do for clubbing. when we were on our way out some black tall guy touched my butt and suddenly spanked me really hard in front of everyone, it was a loud spank, I turned around to see my husband but he was so drunk that he did not even realized what happened. I was so embarrassed and nervous. we left the club and when we got home he went to bed and I went to the bathroom to change my cloths, I took them off and when I was removing my thong I realized I was very wet and my underwear too. It was weird but somehow I liked when that tall thug black guy touched and spanked my *** but I was so embarrassed and nervous I did not realize I got turned on by that.
Lupitamex Lupitamex
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2 Responses Dec 13, 2012

Yeah maybe, it was a loud and hard spank

It's weird how we can be turned on by things we never thought would turn us on. For me, it was having my wife make fun of my smaller ****. Now, I love it when she teases me about it.

I think it's funny your husband didn't notice. Or, do you think he did but was too afraid to do anything about it?