The Belt Again... Lying About Homework

A few months after that first spanking with the belt I realize that it is the implement of choice from here out. I was 10.

I was sent home from school with a note explaining that I was not completing my homework....often. My mother read the note, called my father at work and told me that I was "gonna get a beatin' when he came home!"

I hadn't heard that terminology before but knew it wasn't good.

I sat in the living room diligently doing my homework and looking like the perfect student. Then I heard my father's car in the driveway. He came in the house, I was doing Bible homework, he looked at me and simply said, "You'd better pray!" and went of to change out of his suit.

Dinner was served and the table was pretty silent. There was an electric feel in the air, around me anyway. When dinner was done my father turned to me and said, "Get upstairs and take off your pants!" I started pleading which was met with "NOW!!"

Off I went. Up to my bedroom. I started to remove my school pants and fold them as I heard the jingle of the belt buckle as my father climbed the stairs. I froze! Oh No!!! Not the Belt!!

When he entered my room I began to plead again to no avail. I folded my pants and was about to bend over the edge of the bed when I heard, "Those too!". A chill ran through me and the butterflies, already in flight, began to scatter throughout my stomach. Oh No!! was all I could mutter as I slid my brief off and placed them neatly atop my folded pants.

Goosebumps immediately rose on my, now bare, cheeks and I went to the bed, grabbed a pillow to scream into and took my position as my father folded the belt in half and took his position to my left.

I heard him grunt and the belt whistle through the air followed by the crack of leather across both of my bare cheeks. The burn was intense and I felt the folded end of the belt kiss my right cheek around toward the front.

I began to cry as I heard the next whistle and the crack... I began to kick and grab onto the pillow and bellow into it as I clenched my cheeks awaiting the next stroke. The third stroke came very soon and now I was screaming, crying and kicking but dared not move me position.

My father swung with wide hard strokes and every one left a searing stripe and a welt where the folded end hit.

The forth stroke was lower and just as intense as the former. The fifth he swung diagonally across both cheeks also crossing the other stripes. By now I was a mess and blubbering up a storm. The sixth was another diagonal and the hardest yet. I just laid there and cried and kicked as my father left the room.

After I settled down I went into the bathroom and looked at those raised stripes on my bare cheeks. I touched each one and felt a strange sensation....
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YEOW!! sounds INTENSE!!

sounds kike you DESERVED IT!

Did you ENJOY IT?


Could we talk more? mjldoc?


what sensation?

Could we talk more? mjldoc?

THAT was a good butt whuppin!! What strange sensation? Could we talk more? mjldoc

There was so much detail, it was so surreal. I was never spanked with a belt, my dad always liked to use his hand. I can imagine how that must have felt. I've had a thing for spanking ever since. Haha.

Bet your dad knocked the pimples offyour butt if you had any. I had strappings just likeyou ,only dad preffered to use his razor strop My sister never got a strapping, maybe he was afraid of hitting her little box , I worried he might hit my balls !!!!

:-( Sounds like one painful belting/strapping/lickin I cringed when I read this, your detail put me right there. Especially the jingle of the belt. I hated that sound as well as the sound of the belt being removed from my fathers pants. I never had raised stripes/welts, my bottom was sore after the way it felt during burned and hurt like hell. But never had any raised anything on my bottom. My dad was not one to put up with lying at all ever. It was an immediate date with the belt...I either took what was coming to me or begged and tried to get out of it. But trying to get out of it made things worse...

That sounds bad.

THE RAZOR STRAP may have hurt even worse dad had one, made out of heavy leather . It was a SCHORCHER # 145 made in England !

I know exactly what you mean. At age 10 1/2 I had already reached puberty. I was just looking at my freshly spanked bottom in the bathroom mirror. The wooden spoon had left marks on both cheeks. Soon after I began rubbing my beet red sore butt I could feel the same strange sensation in my groin. It felt awesome and my willy started to stiffen...

Mine did the same & till does when I READ ABOUT SPANKINGS