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1s 16 Too Old To Get Spanked??

I was with my friend and her family this weekend at her grandparents shore house. We got caught sneaking wine and drinking and my friends grandfather spanked her over his knee. Is this normal? I was embarrased just being there even though I id not get spanked. I thought 16 was way too old to be getting spanked. Can anyone help me please? I need advice. Thank You!
queen4379 queen4379 16-17, F 18 Responses Apr 22, 2012

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since my 17 year old older sister got spanked last weekend i have very few hope it will eventually stop for me

16 not at all ,, you need to be regularly spanked at 16

queen have you ever been spanked by any of friends parents before for something bad You and your friends did together at their home?

I got spanked until I was 19 so I'm thinking 16 is not too old. Would you add me?

Do you act like a child? then maybe deserve to be punnished as such

My last spanking was when I was 17. I feel that spankings should stop around 12, but a few of my friends got spanked like me in high school.

I'm 15 & I just got spanked for smoking & truanting. Better than being grounded for a century.

i am 15 too, and also get spankings.

I know it's embarrassing to see others spanked, but not as bad as getting it in front of others! LOL U didn't tell us HOW her grandpa spanked her.....that matters ALOT!

I was spanked in till I was almost 17 in the late 70;s so it happen believe me!

not and your lucky cause no cop in the world would have said a word

I did worse and the same happened thought it was my Mum and now that I’m older I’m grateful my Mum reacted the way she did. You’re lucky you were caught the first time. I actually ended up in a Police station for drinking at that age. I have no desire to try to imagine what could have happened to me if I wasn’t lucky enough to be found by the police… sure it’s not the most pleasant thing to experience but there are sure worse things out there. Drinking you’re self into a coma is the most pleasant of the ones I could think about. You know as a young woman it’s not a good thing to loose control over your actions.

Her grandfather did tell my parents. but i didnt get spanked. it was just so embarrasing when he spanked her. We did wrong, this i know, but i felt bad for her because her grandfather spanked her really really hard over his knee. he had threatened to spank me but thats all he did with me. I couldnt imagine the humiliation of him putting me over his knee.

I'm wondering if on some level you wish he had spanked you as well? It seems to be something you still think about a lot.

my sis still gets slapped and shes 16 so ur friend aint the only one who still gets it at that age!! mammy wud give us a serious slappin if she eva caught us drinkin too so i think ur lucky u didnt get slapped too!!

queen4379 please come talk to me if you would like because of your setting you have to contact me first. thanks

queen4379 at

Well answer me this did she drink wine again if she did not the spanking worked. I fight with myself some times. I am a big believer in spanking but then you look at the age people are getting spanked 16 up 24 yes even 24 I read here that might be to old. But then I say well if people do not want to get spanked then follow the rules of the house it's a simple as that.

I dont think 16 is too old if it fits the crime.<br />
Her grandfather would've been spanked himself frowing up and so he thought this was the natural thing to do with his grandaughter. I know this would've merited a spanking/whipping had it happened to me or my siblings.<br />
<br />
Sometimes the older the child gets the less they need a spanking and in others a harder and more effective spanking can be whats needed for behaviour, all depends.

You may think 16 is to old for a teen to be spanked but back then it was not. I would bet her grandfather spanked his children at that age. Her grandfather should of told your parents also.

He should of put you across his knee as well and spanked your bare bottom for drinking at such a young age.