How Spankings Started For Me.

When I was 12 I was adopted, having moved from home to home for years I was a hardheaded strong willed young lady with a big chip on my shoulders.My first spanking came within days of being with my new parents.My dad ( as I now call him) was in the Air force and mom worked as a police officer. Well I ran away from them because of the strict rules they set in place from day one,I was found 4 hours latter trying to hich a ride and brought back to the house. Mom was very upset and my dad told the officer he would "tan her fanny so hard she won't think about running away again"As soon as the door closed I knew I was in for it,dad told me to go to my room and he be in shortly,I got scared because no one ever spoke about spanking me before. After they talked both came into the room and dad told me to get up off my bed, he then sat down and made me stand next to him as they scolded me dad unbucked my jeans and within seconds they along with my panties were down to my knees,very quickly I was across his knees and my butt felt the sharp strings from his hand. I remenber crying and having a very sore rear that night and I never ran away again.. I was spanked from then on by both of them( when dad was away mom took over) and I got spanked many,many times in till I was about 18.
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Lucky you found a loving supportive home but I know how it is being spanked the first time. My widowed father was mild and spoiled me so i was a brat! Bbut when I got a new stepmom at 10 years old she introduced me to strict spanking discipline that lasted for 8 years!

was different items used as u got older I'm 20 still live at home still spanked at times

im 10 i havnt gotten a spanking in 1 year but my life sucks!

i was spanked often from both mom and dad sometimes with hand or paddles or belts never bare but over my biknki's whcih was almost bare since my cheeks were exposed sometimes acoss my jeans with a thicker paddle or barber strap

Looking back now I deserved all of my spankings. When I came into their home I was a rebellious young lady and needed discipline badly. I think at the time it was a battle, my strong will and hatefulness and their need for rules and discipline. It took many years of getting my butt spanked before I understood my place in the world.Believe me I tryed them every chance I could and somthing they never found out about but most times I got a such spankings ,well now I know they did the right thing. Being spanked at 15,16, 17 on my bare butt was very embarrassing and living in a small town it was known I got punished with spankings so that was almost as bad as the sore butt I always seem to have from 12/13 till I was 18.. Funny I married a man much like my father, in the service and yes I am in a dd marrage,,,did not see that comming all those yrs ago.

I know just what U mean about being 15 - 17 and still being spanked bare a small town where everyone knows everyone elses' business!
Shameful to face neighbors right after they heard me bawling ....

My mama would tell people I got a whooping yesterday or whatever. Embarrassing. But my mama also will spank you on the spot she dont care where we are.

it is harder for some one that is not the real parent to spank a child i have 3 that are not mine but they see me as there dad they did what they had to do and it sounds like they did the right thing

How do you feel about the discipline they gave you?