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Over My Granpas Knee

i was 9 or 10 my sister was 8 and my grandma and grandpa were watching us me and my sister were fighting my grandma came in and said if we didnt stop we were both going to get a spanking with the flyswatter that was in her hand i said "with that nasty thing i dont think so woman" my grandma quickly replied "you know what young man i will make your grand father do it and it wont feel good" i said" ok" a few minutes later me and my sister were still messing around my grandma came in with the flyswatter she sai "what did i tell you last time i came in here?" i said "your going to give us a spanking" my grandma relpied "yes now im going to give you one more chance if you misbehave one more time your both going over grandpas knee" my sister said " but grandma i didnt do any thing gabe was hitting me i shouldnt get a spanking" my grandma said "well i guess thats true honey gabe if you hit your sister your going over granpas knee" i said whatever a few minutes later i was jumping on the bed and i jumped on my sister and she cryed my grandma came in and she saw me standing on the bed she pulled me down and said " mister why dont you listen didnt i tell you you were going to get a flyswatter to the rear end if you didnt quit?" i replied " yes grandma but i didnt mean to" she called my grandpa in from the garage she told him "gabe need a good spanking with this flyswatter he was hitting his sister" my grandpa said " gabe come here young man" i went over to my grandpa he said " you know gabe i thought you were a good kid, i havent given you a spanking since you were 5 but i know your parents have" i said" granpa please no im sorry" he said "sorry gabe" he started pulling down my pants i pushed his hands away and said" what are you doing you old man mom and dad never give me a spanking on my butt with no undies or pants" my grandpa said "this is how i do things around here gabe when you dont listen we do it my way" he continued to pull my pants and underwear down he bent me over his knee and took the fly swatter and hit my bare bottom with it 15-20 time softley i sisnt think that much of it my grandma said " you need to do it harder or he is not learning a lesson" she took me off my grandpas knee and put me over hers she spanked me about 30-40 times hard i was bawling my eyes out. it was bad!!
Gabe14541 Gabe14541 13-15, M Jul 1, 2012

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