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Spanking In The Garden

When I was eleven my house was located at an end of an alley. The house faced the street and the alley ran along the south end of the house. Across the alley and two doors down was my grandma's house. Her house faced another street with her back yard along the alley that our house was on. So we were pretty close neighbors. This was pretty good for my parents when they needed a baby sitter. My grandma is pretty nice most the time.

As far as I could tell her only flaw was her dang garden. Her backyard was fenced in. So to get through her yard you had to open a gate from the alley to her backyard and walk a ways to her house and go through anothe gate. So the problem was she didn't want anyone riding their bikes through her yard. Simple enough.

One of the games my friends and I like playing was tag on bikes. This one day I was riding like mad to get away from being tagged it. At one point the only escape route was through my grandma's backyard. So I crashed through the gate and in my hurry I ran over some of grandma's flowers. I do not know how, but my grandma came running out the back door as soon as I went through her flower garden. As I tried to get away through the gate by the house she was there. She reached out with one arm, as I tried riding by, and scooped me off the bike. She took hold of my ear and led me over to a swing that faced the garden. It was no never mind to her that my friends were watching this whole thing from the safety of the alley. I was horrified.

There was no doubt in my mind that my grandma was going to give me a spanking for hurting her flowers. I really didn't give much thought to the events except I was so embarassed to get a spanking from grandma while my friends were watching. This didn't phase my grandma at all. I went through her garden with them so I would get a spanking with them watching.

The first thing she did was to stand me in front of her and scold me for hurting her flowers. She kept up the scolding as she unsnapped my shorts and pushed them along with my panties to my knees. I know at this point my face must be apple red from embarassement. I was getting all teary eyed knowing my friends were watching. It was all too much for me. But my fears of being made fun of was short lived. Cause as soon as I was lifted in the air and laid across grandma's lap I no longer gave my friends any thought at all from then on. It was just her and me and I was begging and pleading for her not to spank me.

Which is when the first swat landed on my pale white bottom. I got a flurry of spanks that turned my bottom from white to pastel light pink to a darker pink, then on to a rasberry red on to an apple red. When she was done spanking me my bottom was reddish from hip to hip and from the crease of my legs to bottom on up to my upper cheeks. I was a babbling crying baby wanting her to stop spanking me. I was using all the polite words I could think of.

After she stopped spanking me she scolded me some more and banned my bike from being in her backyard. If my bike was found in the backyard in the future she would give me a ten minute spanking right there in the yard again. Being I lived a couple houses away there would be nowhere to hide. So I promised to never ride my bike in her yard again. I was saying all this with my shorts down around my ankles and my painties in the knee range. My bottom a blazing red on display for all my frineds to see.

Then my grandma let me go. I bent over grabbing my shorts and pulled them up as fast as I could. I know I gave my frineds a good show of my bottom. But I wanted to get out of there as fast as I could in case grandma changed her mind and wanted to give me a few more swats. I could have been a little more modest in bending over but time was a major factor. I didn't want to be exposed any longer than I needed to be. So with that I jumped on my bike and without sitting on the seat I peddled out the gate and into my backyard of safety.
MaryJoAZ MaryJoAZ 22-25, F 38 Responses Dec 18, 2012

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i never got spanking ...i smoke pot. i drink i find its funny that no one has spanked me...the fathest i have ever got was today i say **** you to my brother,and god ******* **** front of my grandma and she or anyone in my family hasnt done ****

Which is why you do that stuff thank you for making the point of parents that spank. Message me if you need someone to talk to.

nice chat me

Great story, good for grandma and I bet you still love her with all of your heart.

I hope your grandpa tanned your bare bottom across his knee when he got in. I would have spanked you long and hard if you were mine!

Grandma's are good at giving bare bottomed spankings , I got plenty from mine growing up !

I grew up with both Grandmas - my Grandpas were already dead. Neither of then spanked - but Dad's mom (who lived with us) hollered PLENTY when there was fighting going on - and Mom's mother was a bit too nosy for my taste - always putting in her two cents whether it was wanted or not. My parents did the spankings in the family.


I am getting spanked by mine right now

i would like to be your friend. i want to discuss about my spanking stories. so please send me a friend request.

certainly child abuse

NO abuse would have been not holding her accountable good for grandma.


I was spanked by my father in front of some other adults that was bad enough but in front of my mates I would have died!

I was spanked in.front of 6 of my friends once I was 14. a real brat dad caught us smoking pot he spanked me at the park where he found us. when we got home I got even more severe

That is one thing that I would have paddle you for too. Using drugs is an automatic 6 swats on the bare with the paddle, and they will be very hard swats. You are lucky to have a dad who cares enough to hold you accountable. I hope you never smoked weed again.

She was just trying to make you a responsible person. Bet you never rode your bike through her garden again!

What a nice view for your friends. But if i was ur friend i would ask ur grandma to spank me too.

Your grandma enjoyed giving your friends a beautiful sight. She must had a hidden smile on her face.

Wow - if I had a friend who got spanked like that I would be daring "Grandma" to spank me instead and be naughty enough to try and make sure she did!

Care to reenact?

Thanks for sharing your story very good read

Thanks for sharing your stories!

How embarrassing! I assume your friends saw both your bare butt and genitals.
I would die of shame and humiliation, if it was me: P

What was the worst? The spanking or humiliation?

got similar from my aunt for smashing into a garden ornament my bare bottom was tanned bright red with her hand and pink furry slipper with hard sole.....i deserved it as i had been warned

Hello there! I really like your stories :) Hope all is well with you, and if you wTake care, Stefanant I would be very happy if we could be friends?

My mom spanked me in public and usually on the bare bottom. If she was in the house, it stayed private but if she caught me doing something when we were out, the pants came down and she used her paddle or that wicked hairbrush - she carried one or both in her purse. She didn't look for a secluded spot - she spanked me right then and there in full view of whoever was around.

Well you deserved it you were a bad girl the public spanking was more punishment for you were boys watching you as well as girls? If so i bet they loved it Once i was spanked in front of my teen b/f as dad spankedme with a paddle over my panties after that this b/f began spanking me

My mother stopped when we were between 11 and 12 - and there were four of us. I had two brothers and an older sister, so I had a mix of both sexes in my yard at any given time.

Well at least she didn't spank you in public when you were in your teens!

That's for sure.

Becky, did your boy friend spank you for play or punishment, was it for for play, or were you left to cry after?

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I know the experience of shame and embarrassment...would love to exchange thoughts!

My grandmother preferred to use a switch on my bare bottom. And she had no problems spanking me in public if need be.

My grandma used to spank me as well , she usualy use her slipper on my bare butt !!

I would enjoy discussing that with you - especially the feelings from the exposure.

Nice story.... bet that was really humiliating

Spanking outdoor and in public is my favourite! Thank you to share!

there are a lot say they was embarrassed to be spanked in front of there friends but most of the friends probably got the same

I love your childhood spanking stories. So much fun to read b/c you sprinkle in your own humor. I laugh out loud, even though I know that at the time it was no laughing matter.

My grandma didn't give me spankings, but would tell my mom when I did something naughty and then my mom would take my pants down and spank me with the hairbrush, usually in front of my grandma.

Very nice, well written... makes me think more about growing up around my mom and dad.

I can certainly relate, MaryJo. My mom, or my own grandma for that matter, had no issues spanking me in front of my friends, especially at 11 yrs old.


No doubt MaryJo you had two pair of blushing cheeks after your Grandma finished teaching you a lesson not forgotten while thanks for sharing.

I hope for your sake that all your playmates were of the same sex.


My playmates were made up of boys and girls. Never thought about it until you made comment here. I even remember their names. Nancy, Pam, Larry, Tom, Susan, Julie, Harry, Steven, Marsha, Rhonda, Alice, Robin, and Jane. There were a few more but they are fuzzy. Robin was one of my good friends and Jane was her older sister. One time we were playing at her house and got to see Jane getting spanked by her mom for being sassy. It was great.

Nice story

I love your story. Thanks! I am fond of outdoor spanking.

Wow getting a spanking with your friends watching is the worst!

Thanks for the story. I bet you had problem sitting for a while after that spanking.

Wow that had too have sucked. How old were you then?

Check out the first line of the story. I was eleven years old.

Lol well I feel like a dumb ***! Not sure how I missed that one. Lol