Agreat Skunking And Lesson.

I was actually skunkseeking for once. East side Saganaw Wildlife City park. With a pocketful of peppermints, and a full blatter. I could tell skunks have been around due to fresh tracks in the snow. I knew these were skunks because I have a fieldguide. My friends are in other states for the weekend. I feel bad for them. I followed the tracks, and found two male skunks fighting over something. Naturally i grabbed their tails and recieved six nice squirts. The smell was so relaxing that my anal muscles couldn't hold in the pee. So not only did I get a skunking, but wet pants too. Never had I expected that
milky-gold urine and skunk musk smelled so good. The only problem was I kept wetting my bed throughout the night. Because it was enjoyable to have a urine-skunk smelling bed I still havn't washed the bedding. I am actually laying in it right now. Mmmmmm the smell, the feeling. I'm not going to wash it, just dry it to presurve the smell. Yes I am going to put it in a space bag, BUT only if guests are coming over. From now on i am not going solo skunk-seeking without a full blatter.
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Us skunksmelllovers should research some campground that has MANY skunks, rent a couple of sites, and together GO HUNTIN'!

I'm actually going to do that this summer with IRL friends, please do not message me to come meet up with you. I want to keep my IRL friends, IRL friends and internet friends, well you know.

That sounds wonderful. Glad you're so in tune with nature's musky scents that even smelling your own wetting added to your experience. It's always fun to get multiple sprays too, kinda jealous but then I've still got a record of like 6 different sprayings in one night so there's that :3

What I feel weird about that is the males actually worked together to skunk me. When they hated eachother. It was VERY late when I found them. And I was still drenched when I went to bed. I'm just thankful they didn't try to bite. I didn't have my knife.

Mmmmmm so jealous, I've only gone to bed still skunked once and it gave me the most wonderful, sensual dreams, the kind you wake with morning wood from :P
I'm actually getting "in trouble" at work for my skunky odors (a VERY awkward conversation with the general manager to say the least, considering he knows I chase skunks deliberately now thanks to rumors) so I had to blow $47 on odor-control initiatives like a plastic chest for my space-bagged skunked clothes, and thorough washing of myself and anything I've worn whenever I release that majestic scent.

Well, I'm kinda in the same shoes. I know I'll get in trouble (and picked on) at school. Again, I'm stuck there for another 12 years. It reeks there compared to what others think. I believe that loving skunks' smell inhances your sence of smell. Ugggghhhhh I love and HATE school because of it's smells, and how good the education is.

You might've read "ImNotLion" 's story about getting sprayed at my behest, he actually went to class at his college wearing his sprayed clothing and got away with it, since he was always really early to each class and they couldn't seem to pinpoint the source as him. He enjoyed making the obnoxious classmates sick, and the professors always ended class early that day, so it was win-win.

Lucky, but my biology professor has a great nose... I am not very willing to take that risk. Plus there are a lot of people who go to my college who would put a bullet in your head any day. Ahain not taking the risk.

Wasn't really suggesting you do so. Definitely one scent best enjoyed with other skunk lovers. You're not far from "ahatguy" actually, he's in northern MI as well, but hasn't gone on a skunk chase since the one he had with me in 2011. Might be fun for you both.

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