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My Best Friend? Cousin? Sisiter? Enemy? Tricked Me Into Telling Her To Go After A Guy She Made Me Turn Down......

is my first cousin she is 2 years older than me also ; but we've always been like best friends,sisters, are family is really ****** up so we've had are fair share of problems but no matter what we always get through it. Now shes 17 and i'm15......

*Last year*
Last year i was extremely anti-social and depressed so i lost touch with my friends and some family but me and Rebecca still hung out she always complained about she wanted to do this and that knowing i was too 'sick' to.

Now im better she all of a sudden doesn't ever wanna do anything.... that pissed me off but i let it go thats just how she is.... well since she never wants to do anything unless it revolves around her i started talking to old friends and trying too make new ones being sick the last 3+ years i've missed out on ALOT [haven't had my first kiss ; never dated anyone] well i started 'talking' too this guy i use too go to school with back in elementary.... he asked me out i told him 'i don't date but we could do a group thing' so i call Becca and explain [i'm sooo excited] she flips saying how thats stupid he could be a perv that would kill us [she also doesn't date it was pretty obvious she was jealous] so i blew the guy off even though i really wanted too go and was really pissed at becca because like a week before she asked me if i would go with her to meet some guy we had never meet before and nobody in are family or close friends knew and i said yes.

she calls me and guess who she has a date with this weekend? yepp the guy who asked me out!! and this is how she really ****** me all week shes been texting/calling asking me for advice about this guy basically getting me too talk her into talking too him ; cause she knows i always talk her up because i think its sad she almost an adult and never had a bf.... How am i suppose too feel? Honestly i could care less about the guy i care about what she did!! I'm not use too dealing with petty teenage **** like this someone please help she's family so i don't wanna cut off all ties...... but if i keep letting things like this go on and do nothing about it she'll always be a vindictive ***** like her mom...... if i try an talk to her 'im jealous ; and beings she tricked me into talking her up she'll say "your the one who told me to talk to him" WHAT THE **** DO I DO?!?!?!?!!?
raykatathihome raykatathihome 18-21, F Jan 17, 2012

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