I posted earlier about this girl trying figure out if she like me "Do I have a chance with this girl?" Was the title anyway most people replied yes. And the way she has acting towards me made me feel the same so why did she stand me up? I hate this feeling I think even more than I dislike her right now. Anyway, I asked her to the movies the 3rd time we have done this. She said yes, on the day she invited me to hang out with her and other friends I couldn't though. But while on the phone confirmed our plans. She said yes or sure not exactly sure at the moment. Anyway the time came and I called her then texted no response though. So I waited like 25 mins in the lot still nothing so I called again still nothing, then I seen her check something on sc, and realized she was ignoring me. I'm beyond pissed right now. I don't wanna see her talk anything. But we work together so I kind if have to. My question is how do I treat her now? Do I pretend like nothing happen or do I make sure she knows I'm pissed at her. Or just ignore her completely? I kind just wanna go off. And curse her out, and tell her to leave me the f. Alone don't text me at 2am anymore don't talk to me, Anything. Even though I know I'm just saying that cause I'm pissed it probably won't feel the same later.
this always ends up happening to me, i have started talking to a few girls in the past 5 months and they left eventually. but thats off topic. honestly im starting to get depressed, i dont understand why i cant have one girl care about me the way i care about them.
back on this girl, she makes me more angry than sad, cause she acts like i have a chance then pulls crap like this. to be completely honest i dont even like admitting this to myself but this isnt the first time, its actually like the 4th. and it makes it easier to just say they were misunderstandings. i just dont understand how she can cozy up to me all the time then accept invitations when i ask her out. then when i see her either throw me an attitude or make up some stupid excuse. i hate it cause even though i pissed at her, i still have feelings for her. And wish she would stop this stupid game. honestly its breaking my heart.
her best friend, also one of my good friends, i asked her for advice about this girl,, ofcourse with no names. she said she would back up and not do anything and she how the girl response. she also told me if the girl acts the same way around me as others chances are she just flirty. she told me if she isnt putting in any effort into the relationship, i should call it quits. so i did, and like clock work the next day everything changed her text started coming back as well as the snap chats and the flirting. so once i seen her start to try again i went for it. and she said yes. and well u know the rest. this has been going on for like 5 months and honestly its killing me cause the moment she starts acting happy flirty and apologetic i forgive her and we start the cycle again. i dont know whats on her mind but all these games are seriously hurting me.
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Aug 19, 2014