***** Searched And Conned

When I had just turned 16 I got my first job. A few weeks later I was called to the conference room. There were 2 men in the room with another on the phone who said he was a detective, and the two men said they were the Regional Manager and the Head Loss Prevention Officer. I was accused of stealing diamonds from the jewelry store right next to where I worked as well as money from the store I worked for. They fooled me into agreeing to be searched to prove that I wasn’t the thief. They searched my locker, school bag, purse, rain coat, and made me empty my pockets. Then they set up a video camera and the Detective talked them through ***** searching me. When they didn't find anything he talked them through cavity searching my most private places. They humiliated me. They violated me on camera. They molested me endlessly for their own pleasure. They took this so far that they took my virginity. They weren't even really who they said they were. They were really con men/rapists. I wrote out the full story at http://www.aftersilence (dot) org (slash) forum/index.php?showtopic=95565
unbreakableessence unbreakableessence
Jan 10, 2013