******** By Sister And Her Friends

My wife had gone to her friends for the weekend so my sister came round to keep me company, the first evening there was a knock at the door, my sis had invited 3 friends around for a film night (some peacefull weekend without the wife i remember thinking), we started watching the film but as it was a slow going film we started chating while the film played in the background, we got round to some of the things me and my sis did to each other when we were kids (we were kind of cruel to each other trying to get the other into trouble although we did get on very well) she is younger than me so i normally got the upper hand on her.

How it came about i don't remember but it got onto a time when we were younger she would try to pants me, and i remember once as she tried to pants me i managed to turn it around and it was me that pantsed her exposing her undies in front of her friends, she just shouted you just wait one day i will ***** you naked with all my friends to watch you, my reply was if ever you can pants me in front of any of your friends then i will let you ***** me naked in front of them, me being older I very sure of myself that was not going to happen. This happend a few years before this day.

It must have been the drink (as we were drinking just 2 bottles of wine between us) but even then it did not dawn on me what was going to happen, my sis asked me if i would make her a coffee as we had finished all the wine, i stood up and just as i turned to head to the kitchen i felt a pair of hands on the waist of my jogging bottoms, then yank, the next thing i knew they were round my ankles, the girls all laughing and my sis standing there saying i think that counts as pantsing you in front of my friends, that means i get to ***** you naked, i tried to deny it saying that was a long time ago and did not count now, but they pointed out that i said "If EVER my sis could pants me" there was no time limit, so i gave in and i stood there in front of them and had to let sis ***** me, she left my briefs till last standing behind me and teasing me slowly pulling them down, with me getting more and more red knowing that soon i was going to be naked in front of these 3 girls, none of whom i had ever met before, not being well endowed i was not looking forward to it as i new what was about to happen whenever girls saw how small my penis is, my sis new how embarrased my small member made me so she was doing this to make sure i got the most embarrased she could make me.

Then my briefs were around my ankles and i steped out of them, to the usual taunts of thats tiny and how it can hardly be seen amongst all that hair, now i was standing there in front of 3 girls and my sis all sniggering at my embarassment, then things got worse, my sis said if that hair is in the way then why don't we remove it, (another thing my sis new i hated was to loose my pubic hair i hated the way it makes me look like a small boy when smooth) this was met with obvious delight as sis held up 2 tubes of bikini hair remover, i was not amused.....
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I would have pants her and pulled off her shirt and bra and mabey undies or swore revenge on her

wish I had thought of that pmsl