Get Naked Sailor!

When I was an enlisted man in the navy, I used to drive my old Ford from Norfolk to New York on the weekends. A female friend asked if she could ride with me and pay for half of the gas. I liked her a lot so I let her come along. We left the base at about 9:00pm, in uniform, and headed up the coast road. After about 30 minutes we saw a couple hitching near the side of the road. They had backpacks and were barefoot. They both had long hair and wore bandanas. The girl and guy looked to be in their early teens. The female sailor said we should pick them up and give them a ride because they looked young and harmless. I pulled over and the hitchhikers ran for the car. They both got into the back seat and thanked us. They said they had no money and were hitching from Florida to Pennsylvania. We said that we could take them most of the way.

We drove for about another 15 minutes when the girl in the back pulled out a gun and told me to turn off down this sandy road toward the beach. We were all shocked, even the guy hitchhiker. He wanted to know what the hell she was doing. The girl was shaking so badly I thought she might accidentally shoot one of us so I did what she told me. I drove down this deserted road for almost a mile before the car got stuck in the sand. The hikers got out of the back and the girl told us to get out also an stand in front of the car.

The headlights were on and we could see them both standing in front of us with the gun. She then asked if we had any money or guns on us. We both said no but she said she didn't believe us. She told my friend to empty my pockets and place the contents on the car hood. She then instructed me to do the same. Then she told my friend to take my uniform off until I was naked. When my friend had ******** me, I was then instructed to ***** my friend. When we were both naked, the girl had us face each other and put our arms around each other. Her boyfriend had some duct tape in his backpack and taped us together.

The hiker and her boyfriend then took their own clothes off and put on the uniforms we had been wearing. They said it was too bad the car had gotten stuck or they would have taken it too. They picked up their clothes and left us naked in the sand a mile from the highway with no money and no clothes. They had taken everything.

My friend and I finally managed to free ourselves of the tape an sat in the sand to wait for the sun to come up. We hugged each other for warmth and eventually started to kiss. One thing led to another and it was the first time I had ever had sex on a beach. We eventually walked to the highway where we were spotted sitting naked by the side of the road by a cop. After some explanation, he wrapped us in blankets and called for a tow truck to pick up my car. My friend and I never did make it to New York, but we dated for over a year.
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Dec 9, 2012