Struck Ground Up..

  As a kid a friend and I were walking home from playing in the woods by our house. All of a sudden we were caught in a downpour. We decided to take shelter under the branches of a large tree in the pasture we were crossing. We raced to it trying to stay dry. Unfortunately I beat my friend to the tree. As soon as I stepped under it lightning struck it. The current traveled down the tree and through the wet ground I was standing on. All I remember was seeing a flash of light, the ground jumping beneath my feet, and then everything going black. I woke to my friend shaking me,  kneeling over me asking if I was alright. I had the headache of the millenium and my socks were burnt to my feet.  Good thing the lightning traveled through the tree and ground first or it probably would have killed me. Now you won't catch me out in the open if I even see a storm coming.

Suetonious Suetonious
26-30, M
3 Responses Mar 26, 2009

Minor burns and pain in my extremities that never really goes away. Weird joint pain that comes and goes kinda like arthritis.

Yikes, must of been terrifying. Any injury?

He said he saw the lightning streak down, hit the tree, throw sparks from where it hit, and I just stiffened up for a second and then fell down.