A 'pleasurable' End To The Long Journey Home

It did not cross our minds and it was the least expected thing in the most inconvenient time. We just arrived in Brisbane Airport after a long flight back from a wonderful trip in Canada and had so many thoughts running through our minds, but not one concerning becoming trapped in the least pleasant of places in the least timely moment. I certainly did not see it coming. We disembarked from the aircraft, collected our luggage once inside the terminal, met our driver and were on our way to the car. Mum, Dad, my sister, the driver and myself, all carrying luggage: three big bags, two big suitcases and four carry ons. Not to mention that most of these were reasonably heavy, packed with ski gear and thick, warm winter clothing. We followed the driver through the terminal to an elevator that would take us up to the top level of the terminal building to allow us to exit the building. It was partially evident from the moment we called the elevator, that something was wrong and it was not functioning properly, as it took some time for the elevator to come down. We were considering taking the escalator belts instead as it appeared as though it would not come or it would take ages, time which we did not want to spend waiting for a bloody elevator. Just as we turned to go towards the escalator, the elevator finally came down and, naturally, being tired as we were and carrying large, heavy luggage, we did not think twice about becoming trapped or at least about the possibility considering the time it took to arrive. We got into the elevator, luggage and all, pressed the button and the elevator moved up as if nothing were wrong. It started to get problematic as we reached the top. The lift stopped, and appeared as though it was preparing to open. But nothing happened. We pressed the lift open button. Nothing. We pressed it again, and again, and again, on both sides of the elevator. Nothing. You could see that the doors were moving just a smidgen, as if they were trying to open though something was holding them back, but barely moved. We were stuck, it was 30+ degrees, we were in a confined space, surrounded by heavy luggage, with inadequate air. Five of us stuck in an elevator, with limited space to move around freely. We pressed the emergency call button and waited... Nothing. We pressed it again, and this time a man answered the phone. The driver explained our situation to him, gave him our lift number and asked him to get help as soon as possible. His response was very vague, sounding as though he seemed uninterested and as though he was not responsible for this. He clearly lacked the experience of security professions and safety measures, he did not understanding the severity of the situation, he did not take it seriously, he seemed not really proactive in acting immediately to send help quickly, he appeared irresponsible, incompetent and the kind of guy you do not want to be sitting in a security office chair. We were helpless. We had no water to keep hydrated, it was heating up as time went by, we needed to get more air into the lift compartment and all we had was ourselves and our luggage. Help didn't seem too close, and we didn't know how long it would before we were finally freed. The man who answered our call was not in anyway reassuring to us that everything would be alright and that help was just around the corner. I was freaking out. It was so scary. We were stuck in an elevator and people walked past before our eyes, people came to call the lift and we had to non-verbally show them that lift had problems and we were stuck. We attempted to show the people on the other side of the doors that we desperately needed help but being stressed, tired and practically helpless, we struggled. Well at least we gave it our best shot, what more did we have left? Trapped there for already a few minutes, we were counting our options and considering what the next step was. It was slowly coming to the point where one of our only options was to break the back window with one of our heavy suitcases, to at least allow air into the confined space, regardless of the heat or the fact that we were stuck. Just as we were seriously set on breaking the back window, the elevator doors opened and we were able to get out, luggage and all. Moral of the story? We should have taken the escalator as it would have been faster and we would not have ended up like we did. Knowing there was something wrong with the lift function, that we were able to pick up from the delayed motion as we waited a bit for it to come, we should have used our common sense and known that it would have been far better to take the escalator. Sure hope it never happens again in the near future.
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1 Response Jan 12, 2013

Wow that sounds like quite an ordeal you had. In a situation like that it is so easy to panic, believe me I know!<br />
About an hour ago I was trapped in an elevator too. Just like you it made the sounds as if normal. Then I realized that it wasn't moving and I started freaking out. I was in there by myself and the walls started closing in on me as if I were running out of air. What a horrible experience! Finally the door opened to the floor and I was shaking. <br />
After I finished my business I took the stairs back down. I needed the exercise anyway.