Nervous Moments

Well, I got stuck on an elevator at work. And I already wasn't keen on them. It was a Sunday night and I pushed my floor button, and just sat there. I tried the button to open the door, but it didn't work. So, I started pushing the alarm. One of my co-workers (God bless him) heard the alarm and came and talked to me. It's because of him that I was able to stay calm! He went and told the receptionist, and I'm still amused at her reply. She told him it was a Sunday night and the weekend manager wasn't going to want to call in a repairman (since of course it would be more expensive)--like I was supposed to spend the night in the elevator so they could save a few bucks? Sure, no problem! Of course she called the manager, and of course the repairman came promptly...I was actually "only" in there about 10-15 minutes; that repairman had really hustled to get there. It felt like I was in there a LOT longer, though. Needless to say, I'm even less keen on elevators than I was before.

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2 Responses Mar 2, 2009

Yeah...well...that wasn't the only time, I'm sorry to say. It happened again, during the day that time, but not for as long. I've had bad dreams about elevators; the circumstances weren't realistic, but still unnerving. Recently I was at a museum with a family member with small children. I hesitated getting on, and this family member knew about my past story, but we got on, the doors closed...and we didn't budge. Thank the good Lord the "open door" button worked. It turned out the elevator had been in heavy use for service work and I guess it blew a fuse. I think there may come a time when no one wants to get on an elevator with me anymore :) I should just stay off them myself!

That would have freaked me out.