Not Fun

i got stuck in one at a bank building. there were two other girls in there and they freaked the hell out, and usually i would be freaking out too and my anxiety would've went sky high, but for some reason when other people around me are paniking more than me, i tend to be the one to stay cool, calm, and collected and strong enough to make sure they are ok before worrying about myself. so there they were crying and on their cell phones.  i grabbed the red phone in the elevator and explained our situation and gave her all the information.  the freakiest part is that we got stuck mid-way and the doors opened, so all we saw was concrete.  but you could see where the floor was up top and the bottom.

so one of men that worked in the building found out about us and him and some others were able to pry open the doors and helped us get down. i was the last to get down because the other two were so scared and i wanted to help them first.

however, once i was out of the danger zone, thats when my heart started pumping hard and i started breathing shallow and having an anxiety attack. of course i was by myself. i just went to the bathroom and splashed my face before i went into the office i was supposed to drop off something for work.  but i am able to look back and feel really proud at how i handled the situation.

danetty757 danetty757
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1 Response Mar 3, 2009

Yes.Thats the way it is to be handled.I am proud of you.