Please Don't Get Stuck, Please Don't Get Stuck, Please Don't Get Stuck

One of the dorm buildings I lived in back in college had two elevators, and both of them were always breaking down.  I've gotten stuck in them lots of times...and what makes it worse is that they were pretty small elevators.

I've been stuck in them when it would stop and the doors would open, but you were a couple feet below or above the floor where it's supposed to stop. 

I've gotten stuck when you press the floor button and the door closes, but nothing happens and you're just stuck there and the doors don't open. 

The worst is when you're stuck in there with a group of people.  I lived in the dorm where a lot of the men athletes lived, so getting stuck in an elevator with a bunch of big and tall guys was just uncomfortable

And then there were times when I've gotten stuck in the engineering building elevator.  You'd think that since it was the engineering building, they wouldn't have problems with machines and computers...go figure. 

Now?  Not so much.  And thinking about it now, I actually haven't been in an elevator in a long time

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stairs are good! you get lots of exercise :P<br />
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i'm sometimes scared of it falling too. the worst is when I'm on with someone who wants to be funny, and they jump up and down

I have a phobia about being stuck in a lift, one of my worst fears, and reading through your's oooooh!!!!!, i can only but imagine,.My fear is not being able to breathe, and the lift plummeting down,. Where there are stairs, i have have been known to climb quite a few flights in my time,. :-)

My general rule of thumb for all elevators is that I'll take it when I have to go above the 3rd floor. That's probably only out of my own laziness though<br />
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hahaha i remember how people would give you nasty looks if you dared take those dorm elevators to the 2nd or 3rd floor because the elevators were also realllllllly slow

If it's an older elevator model (30 years old, I have faith in the new ones), and I have to go below 8th floor (number of floors I can run up to before breaking a sweat), I don't use elevators.