Stuck Boots

I was reading a story about how a young woman (bdmthrfkr) got her hands stuck in her shoes.  I thought I was the only one dumb enough to do something like that.  I responded with a short note and then got up enough courage to tell the whole story. 

One of my favorite knee high boots was a pull on high heel boot similar to Cole Haan’s Air Kendall which I purchased for about 400 dollars.  I love the boots.  After a couple of years I had the heels fixed due to wear and should have had the soles refurnished but didn’t.  As I wore them more, my feet began sliding forward a bit and I figured it was time to stop the soles from bunching up towards my toes by gluing them down to the bottom of the boot.  It was late in the evening and I wanted the boots ready for work the next day. 

 I got some glue and removed the sole inserts.  I suck my arm down into each boot and squirted glue all around the bottom of the boot and quite a bit in the back where the heel is located. I quickly put the soles back in and after a minute or so proceeded to slide my feet into each boot making sure the soles were properly and firmly in place. 

They felt pretty good when the telephone rang and I went to answer it.  It was one of my girl-friends and we talked for about an hour on the phone.   Afterwards I made something to eat and decided to take off my boots.  To my surprise, they didn’t come off.  I pulled even harder and they wouldn’t budge at all.  I was starting to get worried.  I couldn’t believe that I was stupid enough to get my feet stuck into my boots.

 I tried to stick my hand down into the each of the boots and somehow free my foot but there wasn’t enough room to do anything useful.  Stomping and shaking them all around didn’t help. I tried spoons, utensils, dowels, etc.  to get some leverage inside the boot, hoping something would happen.  I kept pulling on them and wiggling my feet hoping that something would happen.   I was now feeling very dumb and angry at myself.  I thought “Oh, great, how long is the glue going to last?”

Later that evening I was able to get my left foot out with much of the sole attached to the bottom of the foot.  My right foot refused to give an inch.  I went to bed with one boot on hoping that it would come off in the morning before work.  The last thing on my mind was to destroy my expensive boots. 

It finally did come off after work the next day but like the other boot much of the insert came off when I pulled my foot free.  After this, I decided to take them to the cobbler and have the inserts replaced properly.  I still couldn’t believe that I had actually done something so brain-less.  lue

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Just happened to come across this story. Ha! I remember you commenting on my story a long time ago. I still can't decide which situation would be worse. Your boots were worth a lot more than my shoes. At least you were able to use your hands to get your feet out. My dumbass couldn't do anything. I couldn't have even called anyone for help, or turn the doorknob to get out of the house. Luckily I was eventually able to pin my shoes down with my feet and rip my hands out. Took a while though.

Thank you for your story. It made me smile.

Your interest in boots is a gift to all those around You. You must have the same effect on others as the co-worker You described in one of Your stories.

Do you still have the boots?

Yes I do. At 400 dollars, I was dumb or perhaps lazy not to find a cobbler in the area. Shoe cobblers are becoming a rarity.

Great story!! We all get into situations without really thinking it through sometimes. So glad you loved the boots so much to salvage them and enjoy them! Do you have a lot of boots? Seems like you would have a great collection!!

Yes, I have a closet full of boots and high heels. One of these days I'll take the time and post of picture of them.

That would be cool!! You seem like a very cool and fashionable girl, i would love to see some pics. All guys love a well presented lady in heels, the sexier the better. I am glad you wear them to work as well, you are a true shoe fashionista! Do you do any designer shoes, I know the costs are high? I have seen Loubotins and Jimmy Choo's on line for good prices, they are not knockoffs just last years editions!


Good one. lolol. I used to always visit my god mother Beverly as a teenager. She let me raid her closet for clothes and shoes. I especially loved to wear her sneakers without socks. Once she "baited" me with an old pair of Keds sneakers sitting in the hallway. I took the bait and slipped them on. After an hour, I decided to jump in the pool for a swim. Must to my surprise, Bev's sneakers would not budge from my feet! Beverly started to laugh as i panicked. I jumped i the the pool in the sneakers. It took a day and a half for the Crazy Glue to finally release my soles!

Now this meant war! I must inflict revenge. Karma must be pushed forward. teheheheeh. I Crazy Glued every pair of her shoes to the carpet. ;)


Sounds interesting.....hopefully she didn't have many pairs. Crazy glue tends to be somewhat expensive.

Thanks. I didn't laugh at myself at the time. I certainly won't do it again.