I Got Stuck In A Latex Suit Back In 2009!

Well, for Halloween I dressed up as some sort of Superhero. I wore a latex full body suit, i ordered it last year so it almost didnt it. I walked around town making squicky nosies, you could alomost hear the latex strech apart as I bent over to pick up some droped candy! As we fifnshed up me and my friends headed back to Sammy place to see what we got, in the end we ended up stuffing our selfs to the brim were we might through up if we eat one more candy bar. On the way back, I was walking, I noticed my latex suit wasnt un-zipping, ether the zipper was stuck or I ate to much? both. I was stoping and walking while trying to fix the suit, it was around 10:30 when I realised I had been out for 3 hours after I left Sammys and all the candy wasnt seating well. I started fanticlly ripping the zipper apart when i realised I could tear a whole through my latex suit to poop. i quickly bluged my belly and squated: SCrr-RIPPPPP!! Perfect-wait-"Rbshish-ftpppppp-pushhh-plop!" Ahwww!! I just held my butt to cover up the tear and walked happy back to my house and took a shower!
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Apr 2, 2011