Ken's Penis Caught In His Zipper

A boy I used to play with when I was younger Ken Preece was at my house for my sisters birthday party 8 girls and 2 boys. We had all the food and were playing party games, Ken nipped to the toilet he was gone for ages so my mum shouted up to him, she got no answer and went up stairs to check. Mum called for me she was in her bedroom with Ken lying on the bed, she asked me to go and look in the draw for a pair of dad's pliers. I went down stairs and looked through the draws in the kitchen and found them, my friends followed me up stairs. When we went in to my mums bedroom Ken was crying and my mum said he had caught his willy in his zip. We all watched as my mum got to work releasing his willy, all the girls were memorized, his willy was bleeding and mum said to my sister get some cotton wool and the savlon. When she finally unzipped his penis we all got a close look as she cleaned it and put cream on it. Another time I had this experience was when I was out with friends and the boys nipped into the bushes for a pee, you guessed it, John came out with his jersey around his waist and said got to go home caught my **** in my zip, I said I will release it and I went into the bushes with him, his wasn't bleeding but it was well and truly caught, I called Liz to come in, all the girls came in he was very upset but I said we have seen penis's before and to get over it, Liz gave me her nail file and I forced the zip apart and out it popped and very nice it was too the girls all clapped and I took a bow. I have released 5 boy/mens penis from zips, you men need to time it right, pee put it inside your pants then zip LOL
JanetDavies JanetDavies
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1 Response Jan 22, 2013

As bad as it hurts, you'd think we'd be more careful. But after enough time passes I guess we get careless again. When it happens to another male I always feel some sympathy for them but at the same time I can't help laughing.