Got Stuck Watching It As A Child, But I Love It Now

"Aww, do we have to watch Lawrence Welk tonight??" I'd say as a young child. My mom and grandparents always loved to watch The Lawrence Welk Show every Saturday evening. At the time, I would much rather have watched something else. I was always happy though when JoAnn Castle came on and played the piano. I also liked watching Arthur Duncan tap dance. My mom liked it when Bobby and Cissy danced, and I eventually looked forward to seeing them too. The show grew on me, that's for sure. I also remember a guy who had a really low bass voice---I don't know his name though, and I was never able to find it in google searches. I also could listen to Tom Netherton sing all day.
The Lawrence Welk Show had some really good music. I enjoy looking it up on YouTube now and just enjoying music that sure isn't heard very much anymore, especially the accordian music. Also, one of my favorite quotes is from Lawrence Welk himself: "Keep a song in your heart." =) I agree fully. Lawrence Welk is one of the people I'd really like to meet in heaven someday.
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O thanks for telling me his name.<br />
Good memories. =)