Pain Like I've Never Imagined

Last Sunday we were walking the dogs down on the sand flats in sandgate. I know - the perfect place for them, but we haven't seen any in years and i guess we had become a little Blasé about stingrays. I was  crossing a 1.5 meter wide knee-deep channel between sandbanks when i felt like something had punched me really hard in the foot. I knew something had happened and started to get out of the water, and then i felt the pain. It was like something had injected acid into the top of my foot. The top of my foot was covered in blood, i could hardly breathe because of the pain. By the time i got up to the boardwalk i couldn't bare the pain anymore - and everyone knew it. My partner called the ambo's and after they finally got there ( about 10mins- though it seemed like a lifetime) they gave me a shot of morphine, i was still in agony by the time we got to the hospital. The Dr's just pumped me full of painkillers. After my 3rd dose of morphine and and 3 hrs with my foot in a hot bath the pain finally subsided.

That is something i never want to experience again. I thought for sure at one stage that two of my toes were litrally going to 'blow up', the burning inside my foot was extreme - my foot is still bruised and swollen, i'm on antibiotics to stop infection. Geez - I can't imagine what it would be like for a child to get stung. A little girl got stung this morning down at southport on the goldcoast. My heart goes out to her!

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2 Responses Mar 17, 2009

I caught one fishing and was trying to carefully take the hook out if his mouth and he got me right in the palm of my hand I immediately felt intense pain and bad burning I tried sucking some of the poison out pissed on it and it didnt help
This was some of the worst pains i have ever felt in my life after about 5 hrs and soaking it in warm water most of it went away

I feel your pain. I got stung two days ago on the top of the foo at Ft. Desoto Beach, Fla. My pain subsided after soaking it in hot soapy water. I got a tetanus shot and prescriptions for pain and antiotics.