No means no

When I was about 8 my dad and I were at Walmart. I had already annoyed my dad to the point that he was not in the mood to bring me anywhere, but my mom wanted to be home alone for a while cause she had a migraine, so he took me. I saw and wanted a Lego set that we passed in the toy isle while we were looking for my friends birthday gift, and I asked my dad for it.
"No. We are here for Jeramy's gift." He told me scanning through the toys.
"But daaaddy!" I pleaded.
"I said no! Now drop it." He said raising his voice. I stopped for a while, but then I saw a gift that we had decided to get for him, a red fire engine, he loved those, and I started again.
"Daddy, I really want this toy, can I plllleeeaase get it? I'll be good." I said hopefully.
"No means no, put it back and let's get out of here." He said somehow remaining calm. I begged some more.
"I said no. Put it back." He said loosing his patience.
"No." I said stopping in my tracks. My father looked at me, raising his eyebrows,
"Did you just say no to me?!" He asked grabbing my arm. I stayed quiet, stepping out of his grip.
"You never say no to me, do you understand!" He said grabbing me again. I begged some more and he ignored me, until we got to the register.
I was about to put the toy on the desk when my dad called my name and said,
"Don't do it." Without even looking at me. I ignored him, adding fuel to the fire. I put the toy on the counter anyway. My dad looked me straight in the eye and didn't even have to say anything. He was pissed. Now keep in mind I was being a brat all day,
And my dad had almost lost his patience with me before we went there. He gave a look to the cashier and he put it away, and didn't ring it up.
I caused a huge scene right there and my dad was so embarrassed, he picked me up right then and there
And told the cashier he would be back.
I was put in my seat, and my dad slammed the door and sat up front. I kicked his chair and screamed my lungs out.
We must have sat in the parking lot for a half and hour. He really needed some time to relax before bring me home, of course me kicking his seat probably didn't help any.
"You'll stop that if you know what's good for you!" He shouted at me. It only made me kick harder.
My dad had never really raised his voice much cause I wasn't a bad kid you know?
"KNOCK IT OFF THIS INSTANT, JACOB WILLIAM!" He shouted. If I didn't know any better I would have thought the world had an earthquake just then. Hypothetically speaking, u could have heard him in China. My dad telling at me like that made me stop kicking but made me cry hard.
I hated getting yelled at but sometimes I needed more than that to keep me in line.
"You-you just- yelled at me." I said shocked.
"You will be receiving a lot more than yelling when we get home, do you understand me?!" He asked turning around. He was red in the face, like in the old cartoon shows.
Hearing him say this really made me get histarrical. I knew what he meant and let me tell you I didn't like it one bit.
"Save your tears, you'll need them." He said, which only made me cry harder.
When we got home, I was led into the den, put over my dads knee, and my pants and underwear were pulled right off.
"I'll teach you to behave!" He shouted slapping me hard
On the 4$$.
I got 20 good, hard slaps then, and was sent to my room to "reflect" on my actions until dinner.
When I went downstairs for dinner, I apologized to my dad for the way I acted.
"I hope that we don't have to revisit that any time soon." He said handing me my plate.
"No sir." I responded looking him straight in the eye.
I'm sorry to say that that was not the only time that year that I received a spanking but that was a lot for me at that age. I usually got about 10 or 12 at most, but my dad was holding on to a lot and I understand why I got what I got.
Thanks for reading.
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This story does not belong to this group. There is not belting. Anyway, 20 hard slaps for a 8 yo is a lot. I feel you.

Sorry, I try to keep most of my story's in the same catagory

I could see it as I read it. You have a vivid recall of your experiences. That could have been me and my dad on occasions. Sorry you got spanked.

If he stopped at twenty after that performance, I'm thinking your dad was close to a saint.