Ive gotten the belt but, I wrote in another story that my most intense punishments actually came from tickling. They were brief, really, but our church (scien**** based...) had too many kids, children of staff who had to come with them. They'd corral us in the back, and we'd mind our business. Every so often a kid mouthed off or did something he wasn't supposed to, or fought or yelled. They didn't want to keep calling our parents, so they had a room where they kept paper, ink and all that, and held us down and tickled us until we pretty much were crying out eyes out or otherwise were really sorry. It ended up messing me up, fetish wise, as I ended up growing attached to it. I suppose it's why some can get into spanking/belting as fetishes because of this. To me, tickling then became not just about playtime, but serious control. The way they'd look down at us, as if we were just, meaningless, while I'm laughing and begging... no smiles from them, no giggles or teasing... just, tickling, for twenty minutes or more. It was cold, and for years it brought me fear, and I hated that I had grown fond of it. I'm more comfortable with it now, but back then... it was hard. Thank goodness for the internet, or I'd have thought I was alone.
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Damn. That's pretty intense.

No, not alone although many were subject to corporal punishment. Tickling is a type of torture which leaves no physical marks and most would say "so, you were tickled", but it could be compared to water torture.

I got the cane at school always bare . I got my dads hand at home.

Got my dad's hand, but caning at school nowadays is very illegal.

Yes I know that is why kids run riot there is no detterent and believe me one dose of the cane definitely made you think twice about repeating what you did to get the cane in the first place. I am all for bringing back CP .

Actually, abuse has never proven to do anything to children except mentally scar them...

It didn't mentally scar my kids and people are always telling me what polite and hard working my kids are . Mine have never disrespected anyone and have never tried drugs etc and never been in trouble with the police and all started work as such at 12 .They all had paper rounds and all did well at school and college and all work . I did something right and I am really proud of them and only my oldest boy lost his virginity at 19 all the others are still virgins .

I don't care how good they do in school or how they kept their virginity. It's traumatizing for kids, whether they admit it to you or not. That's specifically why it is illegal in the United States. It has never proven to actually mentally benefit kids, only to mentally incapacitate them. You've made them into mindless robots who submit to physical pain...congratulations...?

I didn't think that this happened past the 1970's

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By science**** do you mean Scientology?

Yes, sadly. Was just hoping to avoid their hounds.