The fight

I have been in a few fights, and even put some kids in the ER, but they were never my fault. I was always taught to defend myself and even took karate for a year. The few fights I was in were usually just me, my friend Scott, and the people who started the fight. Me and Scott were basically inseparable during our middle school years.
I would use my skills that I learned from karate in complete self defense, and never started the fight, I would work together with Scott to take them down. It was always the same person who started it, whoever joined in would just join in, (chuckles) I don't know how to better explain it.
Anyway, it was in 7th grade and I was in a verbal fight with the kid who I always fight with. I was getting mad cause he wouldn't leave me alone. For some reason the teacher either didn't care or didn't want to help me but when I would talk she shushed me, but when he would say something louder, she ignored him.
"Just leave me alone!" I said at last, walking away.
He followed me and continued. I was starting to get mad and my fists got clenched, he saw but only continued.
"Leave me the hell alone!" I screamed. Walking away again. The teacher had left the room to print some papers and felt she could trust us alone, BIG MISTAKE!
He followed me again and I lost it, I turned around and socked him in the face. Everyone went silent. I had never started a fight before and they were surprised.
"Ooohhhhh!" They shouted.
He reiterated with a kick to the gut. I grunted and round house kicked him in the face.
My dad had taught me some defense mechanisms that I hadn't learned in karate.
"Your dead!" He screamed grabbing my collar and throwing me against the wall I spit on him and he let me go, usually at this point I would have run but I didn't. I don't know what came over me but I just felt like I deserved to kick his 4$$ since he started every fight I've been in.
He tripped me and I fell, when I turned around he tried to jump on me but I put my feet up and kicked him over me outside then stood up. It was like a scene out of a movie. I couldn't help but laugh as I followed him into the hall. The rest of my class followed.
I punched him repeatedly in the face making him spur out blood. I kicked him in the gut twice and turned around. He some how got up and jumped on my back pulling my hair and I slammed him into a locker. He bit my ear and I slammed him again. Scott tried to jump in but I shoved him away.
"Stay out of this! He's mine!" I shouted. He fell into the crowd and was actually hurt that I wouldn't let him in the fight. The kid fell off me and I was really tired. Both of our clothes were basically ruined and stained in blood. He swooped my legs from the ground and punched me twice, I choked him and he choked me. We had made it halfway down the hall and a teacher from the next room over came and tried to rip us apart. We were stuck like glue on each other though and he had to call another teacher to help.
All three classes were standing in awe, and most of them cheering and chanting. We were ripped apart and I saw his face. It looked……glorious :). I knew I'd be in trouble but at that very moment, I didn't care! I was so happy to see him shut up that I didn't care. We were both escorted to the office and the classes went back into there rooms clapping.

My two primary concerns were my dad's feelings and the state of my 4$$ that night. Our parents were
Called while we were cleaned up in the nurses office. When he showed up my dad was livid. I don't know who it was at cause he didn't know who's fault it was yet. They have us privacy so we could each talk to our parents. When my dad and mom came in, I was full of guilt. You could see it. I was looking at the ground and biting my lip, holding back tears. My dad came down to my level and said,
" *sigh* I'm only going to ask this once. Did u start the fight?" I was gonna lie,
But I saw the camera on the ceiling and knew that they would check the footage so I fessed up.
"Yes. I'm soo sorry dad!" I said almost loosing my cool.
My dad covered my mouth.
"We'll discuss this at home." He said standing up and opening the door.
We were both suspended for 3 days and my dad took me home.
When we got home my mom was checking the mail and my dad slammed the door when I walked in.
"I have absolutely no words right now!! Do you have any idea what you did to us? I almost had a heart attack when I got that you were in another fight!" He said. I stood still and just waited.
"I can't believe that you actually started a fight after I specifically told you not to! I am so disappointed in you. Just... go to your room, I can't even look at you right now!" He shouted. I bolted and ran up the stairs.
In my room I could hear my mom and dad talking down stairs,
"No honey. Not today, please." She said.
"I have to. He's not in that much pain and he started the fight. I can't let that go." My dad responded.
I laid back on my bed and and began to sob. I was gonna be real sorry later.
My dad made me wait an hour before he came in.
"I am furious with you right now." He said unbuckling his belt.
"Dad I'm sorry but can I at least explain." I sobbed. He stopped and agreed.
"He was being so annoying and the teacher wouldn't listen when I asked her to make him stop. He followed me everywhere and I lost it. I'm sorry!" I sobbed covering my face.
"Well even though he made you mad you shouldn't have thrown your fist. You know I have no tolerance for that." He said putting his hands on his hips.
I nodded tears streaking down my face.
"Bend over your bed." He said pulling his belt through the loops. I listened and buried my face. Just like that the first of many blows landed on my butt. I screamed out and begged for forgiveness and said I was sorry.
He hit me three more times, each with pleads and howls.
"Stop with the I'm sorry crap! You've earned this. And unless you want more then I suggest you knock it off!" He shouted landing another one. I just sobbed into my blankets and waited. I got 17 hits. More than any of us got, at that point. He put his belt back on and told me to go to sleep. I did cause I was exhausted from the fight and my sobs.

At dinner time my older brother brought me a plate of pizza. My mom sent him up and he looked like he was upset that I got hurt.
"What the hell happened?" He asked.
I explained while I ate and he was mad.

When I was able to come back to school I went through the day with people avoiding me and not trying to make me mad. I kind of liked it.
At lunchtime people ignored the situation until I heard a thud. My brother had kicked the kid in the nuts and he landed on the floor.
"Never touch my brother again!" He shouted, stepping on his chest.
He was pulled off of him and suspended.
My dad have him he same treatment but my brother and I have been close ever since. We have still had many intense fights but we get along well in between.
Thanks for reading.
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Last fight i got into was at school, i almost beat a girl half to death only because of her bullying me. The cops were called, i got kicked out of that school aswell as a 1,000 yd restraining order against me. I felt bad for doin it but she had been bullying me the entire school year and i had enough.

My dad would have killed me had I done that, but ya I get it. Bullying is a strong thing and can make good people do terrible things.

I didn't live with my parents, i lived with my drugged up aunt and her molesting husband (my uncle) which they heard about the fight, my aunt was pissed but my uncle praised me for it so i had to move away from there cuz i couldn't go to school there anymore so i wound up livin w a girl that was from that particular school and we dated n so forth