The Fight With My Dad

We know better than to talk back to my dad, or mom for that matter.
It was Friday after school and I wanted to spend the night at a friends house,
"Dad can I go over Scott's house later?" I asked putting my things away.
"No. You have to watch your brother tomorrow. Mom and I are going out and I don't want to hire a babysitter." He responded not looking up from his newspaper.
"Why can't Jason just watch him?" I whined. My dad raised his eyebrows and looked at me through his glasses,
"Because I told you to!" He told me folding his paper. At this point I should have said fine and left, but nope.
"But dad, I want to go swimming. It's like 100 degrees outside!" I whined.
"Your watching him and that's final! Keep it up and you'll be grounded for the weekend too." He continued.
"Ugg! I hate you!" I screamed stomping up the stairs. I have no idea what came over me but I was mad and slammed my door. Once in my room,
I yelled and swiped everything off my desk.
After a minute I heard my dad stomping up the stairs after me.
"What the hell is wrong with you?!" He shrouded slamming my door. I ignored him and threw a ball at the ceiling laying down on my bed.
"Look at me when I'm talking to you!" He said. Still I ignored him.
"Answer me!" He said, grabbing the ball when it came down.
"Oh my god! Will you just shut the ******* up!" I shouted covering my ears.
"Excuse me!?" He asked grabbing my arm. I rolled my eyes at him and moved my arm out of his grip.
"I said shut up!" I screamed leaving my room and going downstairs. Jason was in the hallway, his mouth gaming open from what he had heard. None of us had ever said anything like that to him and he was in awe.
"Get back here now!" Dad said chasing me. I went into the garage and tried to grab my bike but was stopped halfway to opening the door.
"Where do you think your going?!" He asked putting his hands on his hips.
"To Scott's. I like him more than anyone here anyway!" I said opening the rest of the door.
"No your not! Get back here!" He shouted grabbing me and closing the door. I tried to get out of his grip but he wouldn't let go. We went inside and he threw me on the couch.
"I don't know what has gotten into you but I am gonna knock some sense into you! Now go to your room!" He shouted. Just saying that made me snap back into reality and the waterworks began,
"No daddd! I'm sorry! Don't do it please!" He stood me up and pushed me towards the stairs.
"GO!" He screamed making me jump.
I walked up to my room closed my door and started to rip my pillow to shreds.

Later my dad came up and his expression changed from normal to furious when he saw my room.
"What's this?!" He asked.
I just watched him and didn't say anything.
He started to remove his belt and I began to beg and cry.
"No please. I'm sorry. I'll clean it up, just please don't spank me!" I begged sitting up.
"Bend over your bed now." He said looping it over. I listened and he began within seconds.
Crack!- "owe, please I'll be good, stop!"
Crack, Crack, Crack! I was a mess and sobbing like a madman, pleading and begging for it to end.
I got 15 total blows and lay there sobbing Ito my blankets.
"Your grounded for the weekend, do you understand me?" He asked putting his belt back on.
"Yes sir," I muttered.
"What was that?!" He shouted grabbing his belt that he just put back on.
"YES SIR!" I sobbed clenching my blankets.
"Good, now clean up this mess!" He said, slamming my door.

I laid there and calmed down, then went to clean up the mess. I felt the pain of that whipping for the whole time I was grounded and made watching my brother really hard for me.
Thanks for reading.
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Very interesting story. Sounds to me like you pushed the envelope and got the worst of it. I think you were outwardly very dis respectful. I think you got off easy. I would have. Smoked and roasted your hide. it sounds to me that you just lost it was anything else happening and HOW OLD WERE YOU.?in addition were there any more incidents of total respect. Thanks. Jim

Sadly for me, this was not the only time I did this. But none were as bad as this.

didn't say how old were u


Great story. How many of your stories are real


Are your stories true stories or fiction

I used to have a weird thing for wedgies so those are fake, but the rest are true.

How old were you the last spanking you got

I'll see when I post the story. I will state whether or not it was my last one. It may be put up today actually.

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